Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

We offer indoor plants to enhance your space, Naturally.

Indoor plants that enhance your space, Naturally 

Indoor plants are perfect for both home settings and workspaces.

Indoor plants are not only striking statement pieces for any indoor space, they also serve many different purposes. Large indoor plants can be carefully designed and positioned to break up any area or compliment specific colour themes and decors. We pride ourselves in creating visually stimulating Live and artificial indoor plants, to enhance any indoor area. Whether that be a simple living space, private area, a space ideal for office plants or a creative thinking space.

Our team are dedicated to helping you find Live & Artificial plants catered to your budget and specification.


Understanding your Indoor space

We know that different areas of a home or workplace can serve different purposes. Our indoor plant service ensures you have indoor plants that compliment the style of your space and improve the overall feeling of wellbeing.

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Considering your requirements

Our dedicated team conduct site evaluations, presenting you with the best indoor plants that suit your desired space. Factors that affect our choice vary between daylight, ambient temperatures, and maintenance requirements.

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Working within your indoor space

We have access to the largest range of Indoor plants uk, and can provide both live & artificial plants. No matter what colour themes or decor, we offer Indoor plant services that are tailored to your chosen area.

Indoor plant living wall

Living Wall

See how a living wall could enhance your indoor space

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Inspiration Configurator

Get inspired, explore how your indoor plants will look


Why add plants to your indoor space?

We carefully evaluate your indoor space, selecting only the best indoor plants that will thrive in the environment you hope to place them in. Some of our favourite Indoor plants are; peace lilies, Aloe, Rubber plants, and cacti.

Investing in indoor plants for your home/workplace can have many other benefits that include providing a healthy, productive and happier environment.

Indoor plants

How Indoor Plants benefit living/workspaces?


  • Productivity is increased by 15% in the area of the plant
  • Living area or workspace becomes more visually attractive
  • Plant features in living are or reduce reported tension & anxiety by 37%
  • Indoor plants decrease rates of depression by 58% and fatigue by 38%
  • Plants absorb & retain heat and so reduce air conditioning & energy costs

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