We have a responsibility to the natural environment.

At Oasis Plants we’re very fortunate to work with nature everyday.


Oasis Plants partnered with Ecologi in January 2023 to plant a tree with them for every live office plant purchased with us. So far we have averaged approximately 1,000 trees per month. We now work with Tree-nation and to date we have planted 11,193 trees .

We work specifically with suppliers that prioritise sustainability. The European nurseries we work with operate primarily on solar power and are on track to have an entirely electric fleet of vehicles by 2026.

Oasis Plants Enfield logistics center is primarily powered by solar panels.

At Oasis we wanted an alternative to Peat-Compost as a planting substrate.


UK peatlands store approximately three billion tonnes of carbon, they are an important absorber of carbon dioxide. Peat releases huge amounts of stored carbon dioxide when it is harvested, contributing to greenhouse gas levels. Peat mining is totally unsustainable and grows back at just 1mm a year. Peat Mining also destroys the unique habitat of many native plants and animals.

Why We Use Vulkaponic?


At Oasis, we use Vulkaponic as our planting substrate for ALL interior planting as this is the more sustainable alternative to compost. This is a new mineral based growing medium, consisting of lava, pumice and zeolites.

Vulkaponic has also been proven to be easier to maintain with fewer pest issues, more oxygenated soil, stronger roots and more accurate watering and often healthier plants.

Sustainable Planters

We offer an increased range of planters that are either sustainably produced (100% clean wind energy) or made from recycled material.

We also offer a range made entirely from biodegradable recycled forest residue with a water-based binder. This material is certified as “Cradle to Cradle” meaning that both the material and the production process have no negative impact on the environment.

The Recycled Materials We Use!


  • Marine Debris
  • Ropes
  • Wine Corks
  • Fishing Nets
  • Old Planters
  • Sawdust
  • Artificial Turf
  • Recycled Household Waste
  • Car Bumpers
  • Telephones
  • Keyboards
  • Vacuum Cleaners

We Are M.U.D


From January 2024 we have been supporting “We are M.U.D”  (Manchester Urban Diggers) a non-profit social enterprise, with the materials required for their projects. Their most recent success story was “The Landing” Stockport, a community initiative repurposing the rooves of high-rise carparks to create urban allotments, thereby improving biodiversity, reducing food miles and their carbon footprint. Their projects support and strengthen local communities, improve biodiversity of urban areas and give inner city communities access to green space.

Reaseheath College and Mini Zoo


We have also partnered with Reaseheath College and Mini Zoo near Nantwich, Cheshire and have been supplying plants for the animal enclosures.  The plants we donate are not suitable for client installs but have a new lease of life providing habitat for the animal enclosures. The newest enclosure will be for the Pygmy Marmosets!

  • We recycled all our live Christmas tree installs from December 2023 with St Lukes Hospice in January 2024, supporting the cost of hospice care whilst also providing mulch for local woodland walks and guide camps.
  • In February 2023 we had donated plants and greenery to the Mid Cheshire Mind Charity offices in Winsford. 
  • We funded the pots and plants session for One Strawberry Lane and @heyfoodisready as part of their summer holiday activities. One Strawberry Lane is a non-profit organisation whose building has been designed with comfort and community at the heart of it.
  • In the Autumn we donated winter coats to The Tree of Life Centre, Wythenshawe as part of Wrap Up UK
  • We’ve made donations to our local Trussell Trust food bank.

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