Enhancing your hotel, bar or restaurant, Naturally.

Enhancing your space, Naturally 

We can enhance your hotel, bar or restaurant, Naturally.

At Oasis, we’ve created a variety of live and artificial planting schemes for hotels, bars and restaurants nationwide. We pride ourselves on designing visually stimulating plant features to suit the needs of any hospitality space.

Deliberately positioned plant displays create a welcoming first impression, attract more customers and set you apart from the competition. Carefully designed plants for restaurants can make a space feel more premium, offer calming components for casual atmospheres or even provide private areas for guests to escape the noise.

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How we work with Hospitality

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Understanding your industry

We know that the hospitality industry is a highly competitive market, and so we understand the importance of a good first impression.

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Catering to your brand

Our expert team make on site evaluations and advise the best type of planting for any space. We consider your decor, brand identity and potential restrictions.

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Working within your space

We assess irrigation, drainage, lighting and power sources available allowing us to create beautiful planting schemes tailored for and effective within your hospitality space.

We use Green Design to enhance any hospitality space 

Restaurants and hotels that want to stand out from the competition and elevate guest experience are becoming greener and are seeing immediate benefits.

Benefits of Green Design within Hospitality:

  • A heightened level of luxury & increase average spend. Studies show that guests are likely to spend 23% more for a room with views of nature
  • Increase in occupation rates. Biophilic design features make you stand out from the competition, attracting more customers
  • Increase in retention rates. Natural elements can increase guest well-being by 13%, encouraging them to stay longer
  • Increase customer engagement. Beautiful green displays provide talking points, encouraging guests to share their experience

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