Enhancing your hotel, bar or restaurant, Naturally.

Enhancing your space, Naturally 

We can enhance your hotel, bar or restaurant, Naturally.

Plants have an incredible ability to elevate the guest experience within hospitality environments.

Creating a tropical oasis of greenery in the heart of your venue, plants can do anything from attract passing footfall through to add a sense of calm and wellbeing. With endless objectives that can be achieved, plants are for the benefit of all those who visit or work in your business.

Oasis Plants works with hospitality venues across the UK. Our services span the curation, installation and maintenance of live or artificial plants.

Our live or artificial plants can be installed in any hospitality venue such as airport lounges, bars, cafes, hotels, leisure attractions, restaurants, spas, sports venues, theatres and theme parks.

We offer a fully bespoke service based on your commercial needs as a business.

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How we work with Hospitality sector

By their very nature, hospitality venues should be places where we all want to visit and ultimately spend the maximum amount of time and money. Plants can help achieve this aim and more, through their incredible ability to create welcoming environments for your patrons.

Oasis Plants works directly with hospitality venues to enhance the look of entrance areas along with dining, seating, lounging and reception areas. In addition to attracting guests, we can also cater to other aims such as improving air quality, boosting wellbeing or emphasising any themes of the venue itself. Plants can also be used for zoning or privacy purposes, demonstrating just how versatile our plants can be!

Our plant services span indoor and outdoor plants, and we can also use a range of artificial or live plants depending on your venue needs and overall preferences. We source our plants from some of the leading suppliers in Europe, ensuring quality at every turn for your venue greenery.

When you let us know about your project, our team will come up with a tailored solution to ensure all of your aims are catered for across the design, installation and maintenance of your plants.

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Understanding Your Project Requirements

Let us into your vision as a hospitality venue, while also sharing any key details such as building conditions or limitations you’re working with. From there, we’ll provide a clear brief and transparency on costs defining exactly what to expect.

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Meeting Specifications & Objectives

Once we know more about your hospitality venue type, plus what aspects you’d like to enhance for your guests, we’ll get to work on ensuring the plant selections meet these aims. We’ll also explore creative ideas for the location of your plants based on your available space.

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Installation & Maintenance

Our team of horticultural experts and on-site technicians will install your chosen artificial or live plants at your location, wherever you happen to be based in the UK. We’ll use our expertise to ensure the finished installation exceeds all expectations to benefit all those who will use the space.

Our Services 

Oasis Plants offers specialist planting services geared towards hospitality environments. With a keen understanding of improving guest experience, we can supply your venue with an endless array of live or artificial plant types.

Some of our most popular services include artificial plants, fresh flowers, ceiling plants, green walls, live plants, living walls, moss art, moss walls, plant typography and trailing plants.

Within a hospitality venue, there are lots of installation locations that could potentially be explored. These include building entrances, reception areas, hotel rooms, dining areas or space surrounding any leisure attractions.

Our team can provide on-site surveys to help determine some of the best spots for plants to help maximise the outcome of your project. Plus, we’ll be on hand for as long as you need us including to refresh your floral displays or maintain your live plants over time.

Why Work With Us?

It’s a given that hospitality businesses strive to create memorable guest experiences. For ourselves here at Oasis Plants, our team has intrinsic knowledge of all things plants, including how plants can be used to improve the spaces where we spend our time. In combination, we want to help your business reach its aims by creating an inviting venue that attracts and retains guests through the power of plants.

With two decades of experience, we’ve transformed countless hospitality venues across the UK including restaurants, hotels, cafes, leisure attractions and much more. Specifically, we know how to use plants to create an alluring ambience through our striking visual displays.

If you’re new to us here at Oasis Plants, you can learn more about us and meet our team over on our About page.

The Importance Of Plants In Hospitality Venues

It’s no understatement when we say that plants can be used to enhance an endless array of aspects for your guests and staff. Depending on your business type along with the design of your building, we can use plants to reduce any less desirable aspects of a building while working to maximise the overall guest experience.

We can select plants for your hospitality venue based on requirements such as:

  • Air purification
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Attracting passing footfall
  • Biodiversity
  • Building insulation
  • Enhancing venue ambience
  • Privacy creation
  • Seasonal displays
  • Softening or highlighting spaces
  • Theme establishment
  • VIP zone creation
  • Year-round greenery

So whether you have any specific commercial aims in mind, or if you’re open to ideas we can use plants to create a space that people truly enjoy spending time in. Since we can explore both artificial and real plants, we can also cater to the need for low maintenance as well as practical installation types that are geared towards the hospitality sector.

Project Spotlight

Over the last two decades, Oasis Plants has had the privilege of installing live and artificial plants in hospitality venues across the UK.

Here are some recent projects, with plenty more to view over on our social media pages!

Lazy Pig Pub & Restaurant In Chesham

Plants can create an incredibly warm welcome for guests within hospitality venues, particularly within dining areas. In a recent project, Oasis Plants installed a delightful array of trailing ceiling plants along with wall plants for a pub and restaurant in Buckinghamshire.

Using vines & trailing garlands, we transformed the orangery into a relaxed and lush dining experience. In particular, we made excellent use of the ceiling space which is often redundant space within venues. All of which allowed us to add in plenty of greenery, but in a way which still offers a low maintenance solution for the team. We’ll say cheers to that!

Namii Restaurant Manchester

Our plant installation for this Vietnamese restaurant in Manchester is a fantastic example of how plants can be used to establish a theme. We used bright bursts of colours within the floral display at the front of the venue, with custom ceiling flourishes throughout the dining and bar areas.

By using artificial plants, we were able to add varieties that wouldn’t thrive in the British climate, ensuring the Southeast Asian theme could still be implemented in the most impactful of ways.

Combined with the additional decorations found throughout the restaurant, our plants pack in personality while enhancing the overall ambience.

Outdoor Dining Area For The Standard Hotel London

Oasis Plants created a Californian themed concept for the interiors of The Standard Hotel in London, but we wanted to bring your attention to the exterior areas of the building that we also worked on.

Within the hospitality sector, outdoor dining areas of roof terraces can be a fantastic addition to your building and can truly elevate the guest experience. Our team used trailing ceiling plants and lush palms to create a relaxed and cosy vibe.

The space is just as alluring on those long summer evenings just as it is in the winter, with the hotel having added an outdoor fireplace to keep guests warm.

Plants For Hospitality UK FAQs

We know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best plants for your hospitality venue. We’ve answered some of the top questions below, but for anything else our team is only a call or a click away.

What Is The Best Plant For A Hotel Room?

Some of the most popular plants for hotels traditionally include Jade Plant, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Philodendrons, Fittonia, Swiss Cheese Plant and Calathea Orbifolia.

However, you may have completely different ideas for what would work for your hotel concept! At Oasis Plants, we’ve installed plants in hotels across the UK and every project has a unique theme and vision. So whether you want to improve air quality or simply create a peaceful environment, we can curate your plant selection to meet your exact objectives.

Can You Have Real Plants In A Cafe?

If you own a cafe, then it is possible to use real plants to decorate your space. That said, there are some factors to consider such as practicality and also the required maintenance of the plant. Oasis Plants can install and maintain live plants for your venue, or we can install artificial plants instead which look just as good as the real thing. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail so we can provide some tailored suggestions.

Do Plants Attract More Customers To Restaurants?

Yes! When plants are placed outside of your venue entrance they can be incredibly enticing to passing footfall. In the restaurant industry especially, hedging, trees, garlands and other types of plants can make a building look more inviting to guests. Since we can use artificial plants for your restaurant, this means your greenery or floral displays will look fantastic all year round.

What Are The Best Commercial Artificial Plants?

The best commercial plants are those which fit your commercial environment perfectly in terms of visual appeal, practicality and also meeting any applicable building regulations. Once we’ve determined the fundamentals of your brief, we can then let our creativity run wild in terms of plant selections. Overall, we strive to give your venue something which will offer genuine benefit to all those who use the space, especially since plants can have endless wellbeing benefits.

What Plants Offer Hot Tub Privacy?

Plants can absolutely be used to create privacy within spa or pool settings. For hot tubs, artificial plants offer plenty of practicality for wet and humid conditions. Some suggestions include artificial hedging or along with any plant varieties that have vast leaf spans to help obscure the view. For any spa or hotel owners wanting to create privacy at their location, we would be more than happy to offer some tailored plant variety suggestions to meet your objectives.

Oasis Plants – Living & Artificial Plants For Architects UK

Based in Cheshire, Oasis Plants has key locations in Manchester and London. Our team works with hospitality venues right across the UK, so wherever your project happens to require plants we’re here to lend our expertise.

To discuss our plant sourcing, installation and maintenance services for your hospitality project please fill out our contact form.

You can also give us a call on 01270 750 574 or send us an email at

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