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Adding greenery in the form of live or artificial plants can greatly enhance interior design projects.

Greenery is becoming an increasingly important feature in spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, reception areas and similar types of commercial spaces. This is due to the phenomenal wellbeing benefits of plants as they establish a much-needed connection with nature.

Far from a passing trend, the proven benefits of plants such as plant walls, ceiling plants, office plants and seasonal flower displays means that plants of all types are here to stay within the world of interior design.

Oasis Plants works directly with interior designers across the UK. Our highly knowledgeable team can help select the most appropriate live or artificial plants for your project based on any criteria or overall objectives you are looking to achieve.

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How We Work With Interior Designers

Oasis Plants assists with the curation, installation and maintenance of artificial and living plants within interior design projects. We’re here to listen to your project brief and in response, use our knowledge and expertise to help select the right plants for your space. Our plants are sourced from some of the leading suppliers in Europe, meaning we can offer exquisite quality to any greenery requirements for your interior design project. There are endless ways that greenery can be used to enhance any interior environment. So whether the aim is to improve productivity, create a sense of calm or even adapt to a particular theme - plants can do it all! The aim, of course, is to choose the right type of plants and overall installation ideas for your project. This is where Oasis Plants offers an unrivalled level of expertise to bring your project to life.


Understanding Your Project Requirements

The first stage when working with interior designers is understanding exactly what you have in mind for your project. In response, we’ll bring our expertise and creativity to come up with the most innovative solutions. We’ll also survey your space to determine the lighting, humidity and other environmental conditions for your plants.

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Meeting Specifications & Objectives

As an interior designer, we know you are working not just to your client’s specifications, but also various building regulations. Let us know about any key details, we will ensure the most suitable plant types and installation ideas can be incorporated within your designs.


Installation & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive plant installation and maintenance service on behalf of interior designers. Our team of horticultural experts and on-site technicians will be with you every step of the way to ensure your creative ideas for greenery are fully realised. All of which offers peace of mind for your clients too.

Our Services

Our planting services are here to support your needs as an interior designer.

Often, interior designers may have specific requests such as plants that provide air purification, or even artificial plants which will offer practicality within a hospitality environment. So whatever your project needs in terms of greenery, Oasis Plants can tailor a customised solution to maximise the outcome of your project.

Some of our services include artificial or live plant walls, moss walls, standalone plants, ceiling plants, fresh flower deliveries, hedges, troughs and Christmas tree installation.

If you’re not sure what types of plants would suit your project, we’d also be more than happy to discuss some ideas with you. We provide our services right across the UK, meaning we can have our team on-site wherever your interior design business or project happens to be based.

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Why Work With Us?

Oasis Plants is a leading choice for UK-based interior designers, boasting two decades of experience in all things commercial plants.

Just as interior design is your core passion – plants are ours! So together, we want to ensure your project receives the best of both worlds in terms of knowledge, expertise and an overall willingness to create a fantastic outcome for your client.

We fully appreciate that having your designs look the part over time is also important to you as an interior designer. That’s why we offer ongoing services where we can maintain or refresh your plants if required.

Head over to our About page to learn more about the team here at Oasis Plants, including what makes us different for all the right reasons.

The Importance Of Plants In Interior Design Projects

Plants have an incredibly important role within interior design projects. Beyond adding lush greenery to enhance the visual aesthetics of your project, plants can be used to reduce a number of undesirable building features. This can range from poor air quality through to a stressful working environment.

When you work with us here at Oasis Plants, we can select plants for your project that meet any of the following aims:

  • Acoustic noise reduction
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Air purification
  • Biodiversity
  • Biophilic connection
  • Building or room zoning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Highlighting or softening spaces
  • Humidity regulation
  • Insulation
  • Stress reduction
  • Sustainability
  • Theme establishment

WellbeingIn particular, we’re keen to listen to both you and your client’s needs for the space. We can then respond with the most innovative plant solutions that infuse biophilia into the heart of your project. Our aim is to offer maximum benefit to all those who will use the space.

Project Spotlight

Over the last two decades, Oasis Plants has had the privilege of installing and maintaining plants on behalf of interior designers across the UK.

Our work as horticultural specialists has seen us work with industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, leisure, offices and retail. However, there is truly no limit to the types of buildings or settings where we can incorporate living or artificial plants for your interior design work.

Here are some of our most recent collaborations with interior designers, with plenty more project examples to view over on our social media pages!

The Standard Hotel London

Oasis Plants worked alongside interior designer Shawn Hausman on a project for The Standard hotel in Kings Cross, London. The brief called for a Californian themed concept and so our selection of plants reflected this, with over 800 plants installed in total. The Standard project is an example of how plants can be used to establish a theme, even if different climate conditions differ from the original source of the inspiration. It is thanks to the fantastic work of our plant specialists which makes such projects happen, ensuring all of the visual and wellbeing benefits can still be achieved alongside the need to infuse specific themes into the design.

HFW Offices Sandbach

Interior designers are increasingly being tasked with making offices places where employees want to work. Greenery is one of the best ways to fuse nature with our working environments, with plants having associated benefits with increased productivity, reduced stress and overall improved job satisfaction. One of our relevant project examples is the renovation of the HFW offices in Sandbach.

Oasis Plants installed living walls in corridors and stairwells, while a combination of Monstera, Strelitzia, Kentia and Zamioculcas were added throughout the building’s three floors. We opted for various hard-working plants, particularly Sansevieria, Aglaonema, Monstera and Scindapsus. As well as looking fantastic, they are some of the most efficient plants for removing VOCs from the atmosphere.

Havwoods Flooring Carnforth

Since we’re talking all things interior design, our moss wall project for Havwoods Flooring in Carnforth is an excellent example of how plants can be custom designed to feature company branding. Our team handcrafted this piece using preserved moss which resulted in a mesmerising 3D piece. We can also work with professional signage companies to incorporate logos and other corporate branding identities.

A huge benefit of moss walls for commercial projects is that they require no maintenance, and can potentially remain in place for many years to come. As an interior designer, a custom moss wall can be an extremely impressive feature to add to your client’s space.

Green Interior Design UK FAQs

As an interior designer, we know how important it is for any greenery to meet your vision, and ultimately exceed all expectations for your clients.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions below relating to how greenery can be used within interior design. However, if you have any other queries please get in touch to talk about your project requirements with our team.

How To Use Plants In Interior Design

Plants can be used in a number of innovative ways to enhance interior design concepts. From a visual standpoint, plants can add lush greenery to walls, floors or ceilings.

We can select plants based on any theme to add life, texture and overall interest to the space. In particular, plants can be used for zoning purposes especially in any blank or open plan spaces.

If you have any specific objectives you are looking to achieve through the use of plants as an interior designer, we can offer curated suggestions to ensure a successful project outcome.

What Do Plants Do To A Room In Interior Design?

Plants offer an abundance of benefits to rooms, making them a key feature of any interior design project.

Primarily, plants connect us with nature as a concept known as biophilia. In general, biophilic design has incredible benefits for wellbeing, especially when greenery is placed within urban environments that lack access to green or natural spaces.

Visually speaking, plants can add stunning style statements to walls, floors and even ceilings. Oasis Plants can install anything from standalone plants to green walls, meaning there are endless ways we can use plants to boost the outcome of your interior design concept.

What Is Green Interior Design?

Green interior design has a focus on designing environmentally friendly spaces. Often associated with sustainable, eco-friendly or biophilic design, green interior design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also about ensuring healthier environments. Adding greenery into any interior design project can improve wellbeing for the building occupants while improving air quality as well as biodiversity. To maximise the potential of any green interior design project, there also needs to be a consideration of material lifecycles.

How To Use Green In Interior Design

Interior designers can use green in lots of creative ways. In terms of using plants to add greenery specifically, Oasis Plants can install custom solutions for interior spaces which consider green colours, textures and themes.

Our installation types span standalone plants, green walls, ceiling rafts, hanging plants and much more. To get an idea of what we can do for your interior design project take a look at the Oasis Plants Instagram page!

What Are The Effects Of The Colour Green In Decor?

Green has strong associations with nature and healing as plants, leaves and trees are all green. This means that by adding green into your decor, it can improve wellbeing as green is a fundamental component of biophilic design.

How To Decorate With Indoor Plants As An Interior Designer

As an interior designer, Oasis Plants can supply standalone plants, plant walls, vertical plants and other types of artificial or live plant types for your project.

In terms of where to put your chosen plant types, indoor plants benefit from having a strategic placement and arrangement. Our installation team can suggest the most appropriate installation ideas and techniques based on your design objectives.

Oasis Plants – Living & Artificial Plants For Interior Designers UK

Based in Cheshire, Oasis Plants has key locations in Manchester and London. Our team works with interior designers right across the UK, so wherever your project happens to require plants we’re here to help.

To discuss our plant sourcing, installation and maintenance services for your interior design project please fill out our contact form.

You can also give us a call on 01270 750 574 or send us an email at

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