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Interior Designers

Using our planting expertise to elevate your designs

Enhancing your interiors, Naturally 

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Our horticultural expertise.

Biophilic design has fast become a defining trend of modern interior and exterior design. So it’s no surprise that interior Designers are conceiving more green spaces than ever before. At Oasis we love combining our horticultural creativity with your concepts to deliver forward thinking designs that stand out from the rest.

From boardroom hanging plants to complete interior living walls, an abundance of greenery has become a major trend for interior design,. We apply our specialist skills to work alongside designers, advising the best natural elements to elevate their project.

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Planting Schemes for innovative Project Designs

We understand that your clients appreciate a forward thinking design approach. We know that including natural planting features for any project, they act both as a stunning visual appeal and a way to boost the eco-friendliness of a space. Large plant features will improve air quality and thermal performance of your building.

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Elements we consider with Interior Designers:

  • Complimenting natural materials & textures
  • Colour scheme, location & mood
  • Including an abundance of greenery
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Healthy homes
  • Efficient spacing

How we work with Interior Designers




  •  We provide a clear brief and transparency on costs, defining exactly what to expect
Plant pots



  • Identify; patterns, textures & colour schemes to recommend a suitable choice of plants



  • Our design team understand your industry trends and offer forward-thinking & innovative options

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