RLB Manchester

Our clients at RLB Manchester wanted to soften the visual look across the office as well as introducing some natural green elements. We installed cabinet mounted planters with Aglaonema Silver Queen plants. We also created a 1.8 metre row of Ficus Benjamina Spiral Stem trees, that were installed in the middle of a bank of tables.

Oasis Provided:

A unique office planting solution to elevate the workplace and inspire staff

RLB Manchester
RLB Manchester
RLB Manchester

Plants & Services provided

  • Aglaonema Silver Queen plants
  • 1.8 metre row of Ficus Benjamina Spiral Stem trees
  • Selected suitable planters according to the building style and space restrictions
  • Selected appropriate irrigation and drainage solutions
  • Installed the planting to accommodate office desks
  • Tailored program for ongoing maintenance
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