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Selecting the right live plants

Here are some factors you will need to take into consideration when selecting suitable live indoor plants to both benefit and compliment your space;

Light: in order to thrive and reach full potential plants generally need light, providing them with the sufficient amount of daylight ensures a healthy, colourful blossom.

Ambient temperatures: Depending on the type of plant you choose, certain plants will wither and die if their surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold

Maintenance: Live plants also require the correct amount of humidity and moisture. Some may even require occasional clippings.

Why choose Live Plants?

Now more than ever, businesses across all industries are creating healthier, happier and more productive workplaces for their staff. Companies that introduce living plants and green plant features to their establishments are seeing substantial benefits:

  • Beautiful Live indoor plant features highlight your commitment to the environment
  • Plants increase well-being by 13%, & encourage guests/clients to stay longer
  • Stunning living plants displays provide points of engagement & encourage people to talk about their visit
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A closer look at

Live Plants

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Live plants have the ability to absorb & retain heat. Keeping you warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer


Live plants uk absorb noise and naturally improve air quality by removing dust and impurities


Live Plants help reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety and naturally increase productivity, creativity and wellbeing

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Benefits of Live Plants

Live plants and natural design elements encourage biodiversity and sustainability within our growing urban landscapes. A well designed live indoor plants feature can present a dramatic design statement to enhance your workspace while showing your business’ commitment to the natural environment. Indoor live plants uk can help reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety. Live plants displays also known to increase happiness and general feelings of wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking for indoor Office Plants, live plants for Hospitality or an outdoor Living Wall display to attract more clients, get in touch with our team today!


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Why choose us?

Our quality selection of indoor and outdoor plants paired with years of experience, means we can create enticing living plants displays that reflect your brand identity and vision. Our creative experts work with you to design impressive live planting schemes that compliment any type of space.

At Oasis, we can provide live plant features to suit your budget. We carefully consider your space, light and maintenance restrictions and select only the best live plants for your space.

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