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Architects play an integral role in shaping the environments where we live and work.

In a world where our buildings mostly feature concrete, steel and glass, plants of all kinds can be used to instil a sense of nature. All while helping to achieve any number of other architectural goals not to mention holistic aims for your project.

Beyond adding serene bursts of colour and texture, plants can be used to establish personality, purify the air, boost wellbeing, improve thermal efficiency of buildings and encourage biodiversity. Functionality wise, plants can also create privacy and establish a sense of zoning within open plan spaces.

Oasis Plants works directly with architects, interior designers and creative agencies across the UK. Our highly experienced team helps ensure the potential of your project is reached whenever greenery is required as part of your plans.

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How we work with Architects

Oasis Plants assists with the sourcing, installation and maintenance of artificial and living plants within architectural projects. Spanning indoor and outdoor installations, we apply our specialist skills to infuse natural elements into the creation of new buildings or when retrofitting existing buildings. Offering exceptional quality at every turn, we source our plants from a curated list of suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. So whether you have a particular plant variety in mind, or if you’d like us to put our creativity to good work, we’ll make it happen!

Understanding Your Project Requirements
Let us into your vision as an architect for your project, while also sharing any key details such as building conditions or limitations you’re working with. From there, we’ll provide a clear brief and transparency on costs defining exactly what to expect.


Meeting Specifications & Objectives 
We’ll provide multiple options for your plants, ensuring flexibility and overall suitability for your plans. If things change (including for unexpected reasons) we’ll help you find alternative solutions so that you don’t have to lose out on the benefits of adding greenery to your space.


Installation & Maintenance
Architects may bring the plans but we bring the plants! Your project will benefit from industry leading installation and maintenance provided by our vast team of horticultural experts and on-site technicians. We’ll be with you every step of the way, including through our post-installation maintenance services if required.

Our Services

Our planting services mean we can supply your architectural project with artificial plants, fresh flowers, ceiling rafts, green walls, hedges, live plants, living walls, moss walls, plant typography and trailing plants.

We supply artificial and live plants to a range of commercial environments. As an architect, we can assist in the creation or renovation of communal spaces, offices, reception areas, roof gardens and other unique structures.

In particular, we specialise in green concepts such as biophilic design, eco-friendly commercial environments, green building design, green retrofitting, interior landscaping and sustainability in architecture.

So however you envisage plants working for your plans, our team will make it happen!

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Why Work With Us?

Oasis Plants is a leading UK-based supplier, designer and installer of commercial plants.

It’s no understatement when we say that plants are our core passion not just as a business but as individuals. In fact, a quick glance at our About page will reveal that Oasis Plants is a family affair! For Jonathan Bond who started the business, the irony is not lost that it’s not just our plants that have grown over the years, but equally our industry connections and ultimately invaluable insights over the two decades that we’ve been in business.

So when you work with us, we’ll bring that unrivalled level of knowledge into your project, whether you’re looking to tap into green construction trends or simply looking to design a space with wellbeing in mind.

As we also offer a full service offering, we can maintain your plants over their life cycle ensuring your architectural concepts will continue to be complimented through the use of lush greenery.

Project Spotlight

Over the last two decades, Oasis Plants has had the privilege of providing plant consultancy to architects and designers across a broad range of sectors.

Our work as horticultural specialists has seen us work with industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, leisure, offices and retail. However, there is truly no limit to the types of buildings or settings where we can incorporate living or artificial plants for your architectural designs.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent projects, with plenty more to view on our social media pages!

EFG International London

Winning ‘Project of the Year’ for Workplace Interiors, this project for EFG International in London had a goal of attracting environmentally conscious talent and customers to the business. In addition, solving the quandary of making the office somewhere that is an attractive place to work in this new remote and hybrid world we live in. Upon completion, EFG’s new workplace was awarded a Ska Gold rating, which has resulted in various benefits such as reduced environmental impact, lower operating costs, improved occupant well-being and a competitive advantage. Oasis Plants added flourishes of greenery through the space, helping to maximise the overall outcome of the project.

Photos by AIS Interiors.

Stevens & Bolton LLP Solicitors Surrey

Plants have incredible air purification properties. Few people realise that in our working environments, we can be subject to all kinds of air pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia benzyne. In our project for Stevens & Bolton LLP in Surrey, we used Kentia palms, Monstera, Chamaedorea palms and Aglaonema throughout the open plan office space. Not only do these plant varieties offer exquisite height and texture, but the palms in particular help remove pollutants from the air. With green also having colour associations with health and nature, using plants within a professional setting can offer wellbeing benefits for the team along with all those who interact with the space.

Hilton Hotel London

As an architect, it is important to consider a building in its entirety when coming up with innovative solutions to any design. The green wall we installed along the exterior facade of a Hilton hotel in London not only creates a stunning visual aesthetic but also encourages biodiversity. Located on the approach to London City Airport, this green wall using live plants also helps to improve the air quality. This is due to the ability of plants to store carbon in their root and leaf systems (biological carbon sequestration). All of which means what otherwise was a blank wall space is now an installation that not only looks fantastic, but offers a genuine benefit to the local environment.

Green Architecture UK FAQs

We know there’s lots to plan and consider as an architect wanting to incorporate greenery in your project. We’ve answered some of the most relevant questions to your sector below.

But if you have any further queries or thoughts we’re all ears (as well as plants). Please get in touch with our team so that we can offer you some tailored guidance.

Why Are Green Spaces Important In Architecture?

Architects have an important role in creating a positive impact within the spaces that they conceptualise. Greenery such as living walls, moss signage and other types of living plants are just some of the ways architects can incorporate green spaces into their designs. Alongside helping to combat climate change, green spaces can have huge benefits for wellbeing. This is especially the case within urbanised environments which often lack access to green spaces.

What Are Green Building Requirements In The UK?

In 2021, The UK Government created The Future Homes standard which offers guidance to both homes and businesses on measures which need to be taken to reduce the carbon emissions of our buildings. The measures relate to the energy performance of buildings in what has been dubbed ‘the green industrial revolution’.

While many of the suggestions are based on things such as greener energy sources and insulation, architects should also consider the use of plants within any new building projects for a holistic approach to building design. For instance, plants can be used to improve thermal comfort while aiding with natural air purification. Oasis Plants can provide expertise to architects wanting to use the power of nature to create greener buildings. In addition, we can work to incorporate suggestions by the Green Building Council, BREEAM or RIBA sustainable outcomes.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is an architectural approach which infuses nature into human environments for the purpose of establishing or strengthening our connection with the natural world. Some of the ways architects and designers can incorporate biophilic design is through the use of natural light, windows with views over nature, the use of natural materials and of course plants! Examples of biophilic designs involving plants can include living walls, moss signage, hedges, fresh flowers and other types of live plants.

Oasis Plants – Living & Artificial Plants For Architects UK

Based in Cheshire, Oasis Plants has key locations in Manchester and London. Our team works with architects right across the UK, so wherever your project happens to require plants we’re here to lend our expertise.

To discuss our plant sourcing, installation and maintenance services for your architectural project please fill out our contact form.

You can also give us a call on 01270 750 574 or send us an email at

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