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De Freitas Design is a forward thinking interior design studio specialising in the hospitality and leisure industry. Home to talented visionary creatives, De Freitas deliver modern and innovative projects and designs.

Working closely with interior designers and creatives alike, Oasis advise De Freitas Designers on the appropriate plants, planters or displays that will best complement their project design. Creating features within the Office and Hospitality sectors, Oasis have provided a variety of planting schemes; from large reception planters, exterior troughs to hanging creepers

"We've worked with Oasis on a number of projects. They provide a wonderful service and understand our industry "

Sarah, De Freitas Design

reception plants
hanging plants

Services provided

  • We select suitable plants and planters according to the project style and space restrictions
  • Source plants to suit the location and design concept
  • Efficient installation, completed quickly and to project specifications
  • Bespoke¬†maintenance guide provided for ongoing care
  • Selected appropriate irrigation and drainage solutions
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