Barton Arcade

Barton Arcade was built in 1871 in the heart of Manchester and is a classic example of the beauty of Victorian structures. Iron and glass was extensively used in its construction. Now housing office suites and a number of unique shops, it was renovated in the 1980s. but the aura and atmosphere of this remarkable venue remain.

The client was looking for planting to soften to approach to the Barton Arcade but at the same time not to detract from the Victorian shopping arcade, With the history of this protected building in mind, we chose olive trees and charcoal grey planters to enhance the style of the location. 12 planters were used in total, most on the street front, and two on each side of the doors to frame the entrance.

"We were extremely pleased with the look achieved by our exterior plants, and the efficiency shown by the Oasis installation team"

Barton Arcade, Deansgate

Services offered

  • Selected suitable planters according to the building style and space restrictions
  • Sourced appropriate plants, in this case olive trees, to meet our client’s needs
  • Positioned the planting to effectively frame the building and entrances
  • Efficient & professional installation, completed quickly and to project specifications
  • Tailored guide provided for ongoing maintenance
Exterior Plants

Exterior plants

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