For our clients, Peninsula located in Manchester, we were asked to create a welcoming space for guests and staff using our horticultural expertise. We were able to enhance their exterior entrance and creative office space by incorporating natural planting.

We installed exterior planters to highlight the building entrance and spine walls planted with Sansevieria laurentii, We also positioned GRP planters around the office area with zamioculcas, commonly known as Zanzibar Gem.

"Oasis achieved a great look & feel throughout the office with the plants they selected"


exterior planting

Plants & Services provided

  • Exterior planters positioned to frame the building entrance
  • Spine walls planted with Sansevieria laurentii, also known as Viper’s Bowstring Hemp
  • Planted zamioculcas, or Zanzibar Gem
  • Office planters thoughtfully positioned for maximum visibility without any obstruction
  • Bespoke maintenance guide provided for ongoing care
  • Selected appropriate irrigation and drainage solutions
Living plants

Live Plants

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