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Hassle free Plant Maintenance Service

Our maintenance fleet will visit your site to care for your plants

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At Oasis, we support our clients by providing ongoing plant maintenance for their plant features. We combine our decades of experience with modern methods and technology to provide the ultimate quality and hassle free service, suited to any location or industry.

Our highly trained plant maintenance team will; water feed, prune, top dress, pest control and clean your plants to keep them in immaculate condition. We remove any overgrown or dull leaves and if plants begin to die, we guarantee to replace them free of charge.

Tailored maintenance programs to suit any project or industry

We understand that every business and each space will have different requirements. This is why we ensure that our plant maintenance programs are not only suited for specific plants but tailored around our clients needs. We can provide fresh flower bouquets that are replaced every week or simply visit for an annual check up.

We offer specialised living wall maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure your living wall or vertical garden remains in the same outstanding condition you received it in. Our expert technicians will visit your location monthly to ensure your green wall plants are hydrated, healthy and free of diseases. Our indoor plant maintenance service includes free replacements for plants, in the unlikely event any should die or become visually unappealing.

Living Wall maintenance

Why choose our maintenance services?

After 20 years in the industry, we really pride ourselves in our work. This means are invested in keeping your plant features looking at their best. The plant maintenance of large plant features or living walls can include working at heights or in high-risk situations. At Oasis, the safety of our technicians, clients and bystanders is our number one priority. We’re fully compliant with all health and safety regulations to ensure that our processes are performed as safely as possible.



Maintenance service provided


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