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What is an artificial green wall?

Artificial living walls are replicas of green living walls. We put together panels of artificial greenery and plants that are crafted to compliment specific indoor and outdoor areas. Artificial plant walls can be tailored to fit hard to reach areas, or to match a brand colour without the need for aftercare or maintenance.

Why should you consider an artificial plant wall

Although green walls without a doubt add striking statements to any space the maintenance of a living wall can be quite daunting. If you’re a busy or inexperienced person when it comes to plant care, you may want to consider an artificial green wall. Here at Oasis we offer artificial green walls that can easily mimic real living walls, giving you a breathtaking feature without having to worry about any aftercare or maintenance.

A closer look at

Artificial Plant Wall

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Artificial green walls increase productivity by offering visual stimulation for staff & visitors, resulting in a natural sense of wellbeing. They are Maintenance-free, true to life and long lasting


An Artificial living wall presents a dramatic design statement to empower your brand, draw attention to your space and set you apart from the competition


One main benefit of artificial plants is the design freedom they offer. Artificial plant walls can come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and textures. We can offer bespoke design green walls to suit your brand, business or industry

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Benefits of Artificial Green Walls

Living walls offer great ROI but can be a considerable investment. We are experts in creating stunning artificial plant wall features while respecting clients’ individual requirements to provide bespoke green wall solutions to suit all budgets.

At Oasis we understand every space has specific requirements and over 20 years we’ve learned a lot about our clients’ industries and their needs. The range of plants we supply for artificial green walls include wide variations in size, bloom and colour.

A thoughtfully placed artificial green wall gives an amazing first impression – Get in touch with our team today!



Why choose an Artificial Plant Wall?

Artificial plant displays are a great choice if you want to decorate an inaccessible area (high up or enclosed spaces). This is because they are practically maintenance free. If your busy business leaves little time to maintain plant features, an artificial living wall is the best option.

The majority of our artificial plant walls require only a light dusting once every few months.

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Artificial green wall in offices

Artificial Plant Wall offers Design Freedom


An artificial plant wall is guaranteed to rejuvenate any outdoor or indoor space. Whether you’re upgrading an existing office or designing a completely new building, green walls have fast become popular choice for innovative interior designers and architects.

Here at Oasis we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial green walls, including true-to-life and even bespoke design vertical gardens. Although living walls offer the intrinsic benefits of nature, some clients may not have the budget required, so we offer top quality artificial alternatives.

With over 20 years experience, we respect your unique space and cost restrictions. So we provide artificial plant wall solutions to suit any project size and any budget.

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