Artificial Green Wall

Discover how an Artificial Green Wall can transform your indoor or outdoor spaces

Artificial green walls allow you to benefit from a greener space to work or live whenever real living green walls aren’t suitable for your project. 

Artificial green walls boast a sense of biophilic design within any commercial space, boasting an abundance of lush plantlike colours and textures. Our installations can be customised for indoor or outdoor settings. Creating an instant injection of greenery, an artificial plant wall can zone interior spaces, be used as an accent piece or as a statement backdrop. All while boasting reduced costs and maintenance requirements compared with using real plants.

Based in Cheshire, Oasis Plants instals artificial green walls across the UK. Bringing 20 years of experience to the table (or, in this case, your walls!), we offer bespoke green wall solutions to suit all budgets.

Here is an overview of artificial green walls and the many advantages they bring to any commercial space or interior design project.

Discover Artificial Green Walls


An experienced member of the Oasis team will visit your site, survey the space and discuss your project goals and aspirations

Design Artificial Green Walls


We combine your vision with our horticultural creativity to design displays that reflect and enhance your brand or business

Installation of Artificial Green Wall


From concept to completion. Our team of professionals will install your feature and offer expert ongoing maintenance support

What are artificial green walls?

Artificial green walls (or artificial plant walls) create stunning and impactful installations using artificial plants. Replicating green walls, our artificial green walls span all types of artificial foliage. Our creations can include wide variations in size, bloom and colour for your interior or exterior walls.

With the ability to be installed in hard-to-reach areas, artificial green walls are extremely versatile. They are composed of artificial greenery and plants crafted to complement specific environments and your visual preferences.

Your chosen design will be made from artificial green wall panels, which can cover a small section of a wall through to large swathes of a wall. In either case, artificial green walls add an instant style statement and bring many benefits of biophilic design in cases where real plants are unsuitable.

Why should you consider an artificial plant wall

Although green walls without a doubt add striking statements to any space the maintenance of a living wall can be quite daunting. If you’re a busy or inexperienced person when it comes to plant care, you may want to consider an artificial green wall. Here at Oasis we offer artificial green walls that can easily mimic real living walls, giving you a breathtaking feature without having to worry about any aftercare or maintenance.

A closer look at

Artificial Plant Wall

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Artificial green walls increase productivity by offering visual stimulation for staff & visitors, resulting in a natural sense of wellbeing. They are Maintenance-free, true to life and long lasting


An Artificial living wall presents a dramatic design statement to empower your brand, draw attention to your space and set you apart from the competition


One main benefit of artificial plants is the design freedom they offer. Artificial plant walls can come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and textures. We can offer bespoke design green walls to suit your brand, business or industry

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Artificial Plant Wall Benefits

Living walls offer great ROI but can be a considerable investment. We are experts in creating stunning artificial plant wall features while respecting clients’ individual requirements to provide bespoke green wall solutions to suit all budgets.

At Oasis we understand every space has specific requirements and over 20 years we’ve learned a lot about our clients’ industries and their needs. The range of plants we supply for artificial green walls include wide variations in size, bloom and colour.

A thoughtfully placed artificial green wall gives an amazing first impression – Get in touch with our team today!



Creates Instant Visual Impact

Green walls look stunning from all angles. Whether used for corporate photography as a backdrop for filming or simply to add vitality to your workplace. Since we’re using artificial plants, that impact lasts all year round!

In some cases, artificial green walls can add an accent of personality. But they can also fill large swathes of otherwise blank interior or exterior walls. This creates an ideal solution for plain corporate spaces or even tired decor.

We’ll also hand-select the plant types for your installation, meaning we can incorporate any existing colour scheme in your building. Likewise, we can also work with any company branding colours too. 

Artificial Plants Boost Mental Health & Productivity

Did you know that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors?

It is a well-known fact that plants are a key part of biophilic design, with a connection to nature integral to maintaining our mental health and productivity – especially given all the time we spend indoors and in front of screens. 

However, several studies have shown that, along with real plants, artificial plants can also bring positive benefits to our mental health and overall happiness. This is why artificial green walls make for an excellent addition to any workplace, especially where installing real plants isn’t feasible. 

Cost Effective 

The cost of installing real green walls can be prohibitive in terms of the initial cost of the plants and the ongoing maintenance. However, with artificial green walls, there are many cost savings.

In short, artificial green walls offer a fantastic ROI, as they are cheap to install compared with using real species of plants.

Furthermore, once installed by our team, artificial plant walls will look great every day for many years. This is in contrast to constantly refreshing your plants or even other interior features, should your artificial plant wall be a statement piece in your space. 

Trend Proof 

As a designer, architect or business owner, keeping up with interior design trends can sometimes feel challenging. However, the one benefit of plants is that they’ve been around since time began. All of this means that no matter what’s in vogue, plants, whether artificial or real, will always have a place in your design.

Since green walls make quite the style statement, they can instantly cover large sections of internal or external walls while seamlessly blending with other tones and textures. For instance, brick, render, timber, glass, slate or tiles within exterior surfaces, through to paint, wall panelling, lighting and artwork within indoor environments.

In fact, green walls are one of the few aesthetics that will gel with any building design or colour scheme! 

Easy To Install

Our installation team will take care of your green wall installation using real or artificial plants. That said, with artificial plants, every aspect of the installation will be more straightforward since we don’t need to consider the health or sunlight positioning of the plant. This means practically any environment can benefit from an artificial green wall installation.


Artificial plants are made from UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials, ensuring they’ll provide extreme beauty and visual appeal over the longer term. This includes when installed outside, meaning there’s no need to worry about sun, wind, rain or other weather conditions.

Plus, your green wall will benefit from a professional installation, which makes all the difference in achieving a fantastic outcome and long-lasting results. 

Low Maintenance 

If you don’t have the budget or facilities to maintain living plants within your space, artificial green walls mean you don’t have to forgo greenery altogether.

Maintenance is reduced with artificial green walls, as you don’t have to consider access to sunlight, humidity levels or even the need to water your plants. This also increases the installation potential for your green wall. 


Versatility is a key theme throughout every aspect of artificial green walls. From the locations where they can be installed to the types of artificial plants that can be incorporated within your design. You can even create an accent feature or cover large sections of walls. In short, artificial plant walls are simply limitless. 

Why choose an Artificial Plant Wall?

Artificial plant displays are a great choice if you want to decorate an inaccessible area (high up or enclosed spaces). This is because they are practically maintenance free. If your busy business leaves little time to maintain plant features, an artificial living wall is the best option.

The majority of our artificial plant walls require only a light dusting once every few months.

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Artificial green wall in offices

Artificial Plant Wall offers Design Freedom


An artificial plant wall is guaranteed to rejuvenate any outdoor or indoor space. Whether you’re upgrading an existing office or designing a completely new building, green walls have fast become popular choice for innovative interior designers and architects.

Here at Oasis we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial green walls, including true-to-life and even bespoke design vertical gardens. Although living walls offer the intrinsic benefits of nature, some clients may not have the budget required, so we offer top quality artificial alternatives.

With over 20 years experience, we respect your unique space and cost restrictions. So we provide artificial plant wall solutions to suit any project size and any budget.

Our artificial green wall services

Oasis Plants curates the entire process of having an artificial green wall designed and installed. All you have to do is let us know what you envisage for your project, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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A member of the Oasis team will work with you to understand your vision for your artificial green wall. We’ll take the opportunity to survey your space to create an informed brief that meets all of your objectives. Often, our projects involve reviving existing spaces, though we can also help create new spaces with a desire to feature a green wall within the design. 


Once we know what we’re working with in terms of the project scope and aims, our designers will create a stunning concept for your artificial green wall. Since we’ll be using artificial plants, we have a vast range of plant species, textures and colours to choose from without considering the limitations of real plants.


Your chosen artificial green wall will arrive at your location with our team, who will carefully install each section based on the approved plans. From smaller flourishes to large installations, our artificial plant walls instantly impact any space they are installed in. We can also provide ongoing maintenance, which is typically more straightforward than real green walls.

Artificial Plant Wall Projects

Find out how we work with you

Artificial Green Wall UK FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about artificial green walls below. 

For anything else, please drop our team a message. You can also learn more about Oasis Plants by reading our blog or following us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest

How To Make An Artificial Green Wall

The Oasis team will first survey your location to determine the artificial plant wall size and overall specifications such as plant types, colours and textures. From there, we’ll create the structures that will house your plants and be attached to your walls. Our installation team will install these for you, ensuring a secure installation that packs the wow factor.

How To Install Artificial Green Wall

Artificial green walls can be installed on interior or exterior wall surfaces. Therefore, the installation techniques will vary depending on the environment and wall surface.

When our team has prepared your artificial green walls, our installation team will install them for you. The process ensures the plants and supporting structures are securely fixed to the wall. The finer details include checking for good distribution and coverage of the plants. Plus, double-check aspects such as alignment along with the overall visual impact.

Are Artificial Plants Recyclable?

In most cases, yes! While we can’t speak for all artificial green wall suppliers, here at Oasis Plants, we have made a conscious effort to understand the life cycle of our products. Having spoken to the main supplier of our artificial plants, we were pleased to hear that, in most cases, our artificial plants, including our artificial plant walls, are indeed recyclable.

In some cases, the products used are not recyclable. That said, our artificial plants and walls are of the highest quality and are designed to offer a long lifespan rather than being discarded after a short time.

Furthermore, many of our suppliers are equally conscious of sustainability and their environmental impact. The company that supplies most of our artificial plants and trees runs off 100% renewable energy from solar panels and biomass. They also offset their carbon emissions through a tree planting service.

What Are Some Artificial Plant Wall Decor Ideas?

We recommend checking out our social media pages since this is the best place to see our work in action. We can install artificial plant walls anywhere, from retail units to offices, leisure facilities to airport lounges. Our replica plants have even made it onto a golf course in Meadowhall, meaning the sky is the limit for all things Oasis artificial plants and green walls.  

Do Fake Plants Improve Mood Like Real Plants Do?

Yes! Studies have shown that the visual impact of plants (including artificial plants) provides benefits such as improved mood and productivity. Greenery has various positive associations with nature, growth, renewal, energy, harmony, balance and freshness. Therefore, artificial plants, including green walls, can have many advantages regarding well-being. 

Artificial Green Wall Usage Ideas

✅ – Airports 

✅ – Architectural installations

✅ – Corridors

✅ – Educational facilities

✅ – Exterior walls

✅ – Galleries

✅ – Hotels

✅ – Interior design projects

✅ – Interior walls

✅ – Leisure facilities 

✅ – Lounges

✅ – Offices

✅ – Public spaces

✅ – Reception areas

✅ – Restaurants

✅ – Retail stores

✅ – Stadiums

✅ – Transport hubs

Don’t see your setting or project type listed? This list is far from exhaustive! Drop us a message to discuss your artificial plant wall requirements with us. 

Oasis Plants – Artificial Living Wall Outdoor UK | & Interior Projects  

Looking to install an artificial green wall for your interior or exterior-based project?

Oasis Plants is based in Cheshire, with nationwide design and installation services available. Some of our projects to date have included locations such as Manchester, London, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Wherever you’re based in the UK, you can enquire about our artificial green walls by filling in our contact form or emailing us at

You can also call us on 01270 750 574 between 7 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. 

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