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What is a moss wall?

A moss wall is a small/large green structure created using panels of different types and colours of moss. Moss wall art can be created with a number of different personalised touches whether that be a pattern, a logo or the colour of the moss.

Why should you consider getting a moss wall?

Similar to green living walls, moss walls have a number of different benefits both aesthetically and environmentally. However, a moss wall can require little maintenance due to the fact that moss does not grow, so you wouldn’t have to worry about watering it often or trimming it. Despite it being low maintenance, indoor moss walls still have all of the environmental benefits making it popular in many different businesses.

A closer look at

A Moss Wall

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A preserved moss wall does not require light or water, making it virtually maintenance-free, so can be applied in spaces where typical living plants wouldn’t survive.


Moss walls are suitable indoors and can brighten up any space. Moss wall art can be designed to enhance your brand


An indoor Moss wall improves air quality naturally by removing dust and impurities from the surrounding air. Moss is also great at absorbing noise

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Benefits of Moss Walls

Moss walls are versatile, maintenance-free, long lasting and visually beautiful. Introducing greenery to your place of business can improve productivity and well-being for both staff and guests. Moss wall art can be used to create stunning features within any space and indoor moss walls are popular choice for innovators of green design across all industries.

We have years of experience working wth preserved moss and we love to work with clients on Bespoke Design projects. Get in touch with a member of the team today.


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Moss Walls by Oasis

Moss is a great natural material used to fill out green walls. We can use different coloured moss to create a range of beautiful moss wall designs. Moss is maintenance free, durable and long lasting, so perfect for an indoor decorative piece or bespoke company logo. At Oasis we understand that every space has unique requirements for moss walls or living walls. We work with visionary creatives to design innovative and trend-setting moss wall art to enhance your brand and elevate how guests experience your business.

Why choose a Moss Wall?

Indoor moss walls offer a stunning focal point for any space. Green design promotes biodiversity and can highlight your business’ commitment to the environment. Being so easy to maintain, a moss wall comes with additional benefits:

  • Moss walls  can make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Preserved moss requires no light or water and maintains its vivid colour
  • Versatile & natural material offers more design freedom
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