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Discover how a preserved moss wall can enhance your space

Moss walls create instant greenery in any indoor environment. Boasting stunning visual appeal, air-purifying properties and improved wellbeing, moss walls require minimal maintenance, making them extremely popular.

Suitable for practically all indoor commercial settings, moss walls can be custom-made to all sizes, colours, textures and even branding identities. Moss walls offer a contemporary look while helping to improve your green credentials as a business.

Based in Cheshire, Oasis Plants designs and instals moss walls across the UK. Our 20 years of experience can help ensure a fully professional moss wall installation that will look fantastic for years. 

Here is an overview of our moss walls, including the endless benefits that living moss walls bring to your commercial space.

Discover Moss Walls


An experienced member of the Oasis team will visit your site, survey the space and discuss your project goals and aspirations

Design indoor moss walls


We combine your vision with our horticultural creativity to design displays that reflect and enhance your brand or business

Installation of a outdoor moss wall


From concept to completion. Our team of professionals will install your feature and offer expert ongoing maintenance support

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What are moss walls?

Moss walls are eco-friendly structures constructed from panels consisting of different types of moss. Moss wall art can be created with personalised touches, whether that be a pattern, a logo or the colour of the moss.

Also known as a living moss wall, an indoor moss wall or a live moss wall, these green installations create a striking statement wherever they are placed. In particular, moss walls are a popular addition within offices, hospitality venues and similar indoor environments.

Known for their ability to thrive in various habitats, moss walls can be made from various moss types. These commonly include flat and ball moss, along with reindeer moss. Though the moss types are fully customisable for each project.

Why should you consider getting a moss wall?

Similar to green living walls, moss walls have a number of different benefits both aesthetically and environmentally. However, a moss wall can require little maintenance due to the fact that moss does not grow, so you wouldn’t have to worry about watering it often or trimming it. Despite it being low maintenance, indoor moss walls still have all of the environmental benefits making it popular in many different businesses.

A closer look at

A Moss Wall

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A preserved moss wall does not require light or water, making it virtually maintenance-free, so can be applied in spaces where typical living plants wouldn’t survive.


Moss walls are suitable indoors and can brighten up any space. Moss wall art can be designed to enhance your brand


An indoor Moss wall improves air quality naturally by removing dust and impurities from the surrounding air. Moss is also great at absorbing noise

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Living Moss Wall Benefits

In recent years, the popularity of moss walls has been gaining momentum. Creating a stunning attraction while improving employee wellbeing, there are endless benefits to discover with a living moss wall.

When you work with us here at Oasis Plants, we can help you achieve any objectives within your moss wall. In the meantime, here are some of the top benefits.

We have years of experience working with preserved moss and we love to work with clients on Bespoke Design projects. Get in touch with a member of the team today.


High Visual Impact

A living moss wall offers a fascinating array of textures that are tactile and ultra-captivating to look at. All of which explains the rising popularity of moss wall art!  Whether placed on a wall, used as a room divider, or even made into a custom installation, moss offers a visual spectacle to be admired by all those who use the space.

Oasis Plants can add custom elements to your moss wall, such as wood panels or branding, meaning there is no limit to the creativity of our moss walls.

Can Be Installed Practically Anywhere

Moss walls prefer a humidity level between 40% and 50% to look their best. This means we prefer to install moss walls away from heaters or air conditioning units.

However, moss has very few limitations beyond this. So whether you want to liven up your reception area or infuse some greenery into your office wall pillars, moss walls can cater to virtually all environments and design ideas. 

Improves Well-being

Endless studies have shown a clear link between plants and improved mental health. Common benefits include lower stress levels, improved productivity and even reduced sickness rates. With so much of our time spent indoors, moss walls are one of the easiest ways to establish a connection to nature in the heart of any workplace. Green is a colour with many healing and calming associations, making moss walls a fantastic addition to any indoor environment where well-being is important. 

Low Maintenance

Traditional office plants can be captivating, though they require lots of watering and care. If this isn’t suited to your commercial environment, and artificial plants aren’t preferable, then moss walls offer another option. Very little input is needed to maintain moss walls, as they don’t grow and also don’t require watering. This allows your office or similar setting to benefit from cleaner air and a visual green display without creating more work for your team. If any maintenance is required, Oasis Plants can do this for you.

Noise Absorption

Excessive noise and poor sound quality (i.e., echoing walls) can be a common problem in office or commercial buildings. This is due to the abundance of hard surfaces which bounce the sound around rather than absorb it. Likewise, open-plan spaces allow sounds to travel. An indoor moss wall has a wonderful array of textures which don’t just absorb air pollution but also sound waves. As a greener alternative to acoustic panelling, we can select moss varieties and sizes which enhance the acoustics of your offices, meeting rooms, reception areas and more.

 Reduces Urban Air Pollution

Plants provide air purification benefits, and a living moss wall is no exception. Many natural air purifiers on the market contain moss as one of the key ingredients. This is due to the superb ability of moss to absorb and retain air pollutants. Some sources even go as far as to cite that moss ‘has some of the best air cleaning and oxygenating capabilities of any plant’. Alongside dust, moss can naturally absorb various air pollutants to clean our air. For offices in urban locations especially, moss walls can make a huge difference in reducing air pollution.

Customisable Shapes Possible

Most people think of moss walls in terms of moss wall panels. However, it’s also possible to create moss wall art to feature a variety of shapes and colours. Indoor moss wall art can reflect your company branding or mascot, or feature any other design that would suit your commercial space.

Why choose a Moss Wall?

Indoor moss walls offer a stunning focal point for any space. Green design promotes biodiversity and can highlight your business’ commitment to the environment. Being so easy to maintain, a moss wall comes with additional benefits:

  • Moss walls  can make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Preserved moss requires no light or water and maintains its vivid colour
  • Versatile & natural material offers more design freedom
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Our Moss Wall Services

Moss is a great natural material used to fill out green walls. We can use different coloured moss to create a range of beautiful moss wall designs. Moss is maintenance free, other than the occasional dusting, durable and long lasting. This makes it perfect for an indoor decorative piece or bespoke company logo.

Oasis Plants creates live moss walls for companies across the UK. We take care of the entire process to ensure a spectacular installation, whether opting for a subtle design or something more prominent.


A member of the Oasis team will work with you to understand your vision for your living moss wall. We’ll take the opportunity to survey your space to create an informed brief that meets all of your objectives. We can add a moss wall to your existing office or commercial setting. We can also work with new developments or spaces.


Once we know what we’re working with regarding the project scope and aims, our designers will set to create a stunning concept for your moss wall. With endless shapes, colours and textures to explore, designing your custom moss wall is an exciting part of the process for everyone involved.


Your chosen moss wall will arrive at your location with our team, who will carefully install each section based on the approved plans. The installation process is straightforward, as moss walls typically work to fixed dimensions. Also, most of the construction of a moss wall is handled in advance to create the finished panels, which we will then install for you on the day.

Moss Wall Projects

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Moss Wall UK FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about moss walls below. 

For anything else, please drop our team a message. You can also learn more about Oasis Plants by reading our blog or following us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest

How To Make Moss Walls 

Our moss walls are custom-made to your preferences and specifications; hence, every project is unique. We usually create moss walls from moss wall panels using reindeer moss, ball moss or flat moss. Your chosen moss type will be adhered to moss panels by our team and then installed at your location. 

Are Moss Walls Alive?

While moss walls don’t grow, they do feature real moss. Oasis Plants can also supply artificial green walls and plants, though this page is dedicated to our live moss walls. 

Are Moss Walls A Good Idea?

That depends on whether a stunning visual impact, cleaner air, mental health benefits and low maintenance are considered benefits. In our eyes, they certainly are! Plants are a key aspect of biophilic design that establishes a connection with nature. Since most of us spend most of our time indoors, moss walls are one of the many ways to connect with natural elements while inside. 

How Long Do Moss Walls Last?

Live moss walls have an average lifespan of between 2-10+ years, though artificial green walls (which we also supply) can last indefinitely. The key to a long-lasting live moss wall is proper design, installation and maintenance. As moss wall experts, we can advise you on how to maximise the look and lifespan of your moss wall. 

Are Live Moss Walls Hard To Maintain?

Nope! One of the many reasons moss walls are popular is the ease of maintenance. Namely, moss walls don’t grow, so don’t require watering or trimming. If any maintenance is required, the Oasis team can provide this on your behalf. 

Do Moss Walls Clean The Air? 

A living moss wall will indeed provide air purification benefits. As well as reducing airborne dust, moss can capture carbon dioxide, pollen, soot and other air pollutants. For this reason, moss is increasingly being used to create air purification filters within city centres worldwide. With a live moss wall from Oasis Plants, your commercial space can also benefit from cleaner air to breathe. In addition, we can also supply a range of other plants to aid with air purification if needed. 

Can You Have A Moss Wall Indoors?

Absolutely! Oasis Plants instals moss walls in various indoor settings, including offices, co-working spaces and hospitality venues. Since moss is extremely adaptable and is low maintenance, there are a few limitations concerning where moss walls can be installed. 

Is It Possible To Have A Living Moss Wall?

Yes. Our moss walls are created with real moss spanning various moss varieties, colours and textures. Using real plants in your commercial environment boasts lots of well-being and air purification benefits, and this extends to the use of moss. Green design promotes biodiversity and can highlight your commitment as a business to the environment. Please let us know if you require any further indoor plants for your commercial space as a whole, as we can also arrange this for you while installing your moss wall.

What Are Some Creative Ideas For A Large Indoor Moss Wall?

Moss walls can be installed on most wall sizes and types. Some ideas to explore could be experimenting with your company branding to create a show-stopping installation perfect for social media or corporate filming purposes. 

At Oasis Plants, we work with visionary creatives to design innovative and trend-setting live moss wall art to enhance your brand and elevate how guests experience your business. So, if you’d like us to create a large indoor moss wall, our team can make it happen. 

Indoor Moss Wall Usage Ideas

🌿- Custom moss art

🌿- Eco-friendly commercial bathrooms

🌿- Indoor garden rooms

🌿- Moss decor for restaurants

🌿- Moss panel conference room walls

🌿- Moss stair walls

🌿- Moss wall partitions

🌿- Office walls

🌿- Reception walls with company logo

Don’t see your setting or project type listed? This list is far from exhaustive! Drop us a message to discuss your moss wall, panel, or moss art ideas.

Oasis Plants – Indoor Moss Wall Design & Installation UK 

Looking to install an indoor moss wall for your interior or exterior-based project?

Oasis Plants is based in Cheshire, with nationwide design and installation services available. Some of our projects to date have included locations such as Manchester, London, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Wherever you’re based in the UK, you can enquire about our moss walls by filling in our contact form or emailing us at

You can also give us a call on 01270 750 574 between 7 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. 

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