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Maple Sunscreening is a leading provider of façade solutions for the construction industry. Maple are clearly believers in the importance of creating a great workplace culture, shown by their decision to join the many future-led businesses that use living walls to improve their working environment.

As requested by the client, we incorporate orange plants to bring out their corporate colours. We also installed artificial lights to help stabilise the growth of the plants. This living wall has created an exhilarating atmosphere for both staff & clients at  Maple Sunscreening.

“Oasis were able to provide striking patterns within the living wall as per our aspirations by utilising many different types of plants. One final key point I would like to raise is the ease of maintenance – we just left it all to Oasis!”

Jay McGrath, Driector

“Oasis do a fantastic job of bringing the outside in!"

Jay McGrath, Director

living wall

Plants & methods used:

  • Spathiphyllum, or peace lilies
  • Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as Devil’s Ivy
  • Rhipsalis for lush greenery
  • Maranta fascinator, with thick waxy leaves
  • We installed artificial lighting to stabilise plant growth
Living Wall

Living Wall

Interact with our living world


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