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We enhance your brand, Naturally

Planting features to enhance & promote your brand identity

Boost your brand, Naturally.

At Oasis, we understand the importance of ensuring your brand is both visible and memorable. We’re passionate about plants and enhancing businesses using nature. Be it branded troughs or a custom moss wall displaying your logo, we love to work on bespoke projects to express your brand identity.

Slug and lettuce

Now more than ever, brands are identifying the importance of sustainability & eco-friendliness, incorporating more green design. With a wide variety of plants designs and our extensive horticultural knowledge we can elevate your brand to reflect your core values and stand out from the competition.

Working with:

Custom Made Troughs


In industries such as Hospitality where competition is fierce it’s vital to ensure a positive & lasting impression. Working alongside the Slug & Lettuce design team, Oasis created bespoke wooden planters for their restaurant entrances nationwide. These exterior displays compliment the contemporary dining theme and promote the Slug & Lettuce brand.

Why work with us?

  • We create plant features for big brands within Hospitality, Office & Public industries
  • Work within your brand guidelines
  • Create plant designs that complement your brand
  • We consider any restrictions and offer alternative solutions
  • We are a team of skilled creators
troughs in the workshop
Plant close up in situ

We provide ongoing care for your plants

  • We pride ourselves in maintaining your plants to keep them looking their best
  • We offer tailored maintenance programs to suit you and your industry
  • Feed, water, prune & remove any overgrown leaves
  • Replace any dead plants Free of charge



Maintenance service provided


Plants thoughtfully positioned


Perished plants replaced free of charge


Appropriate plants selected

plants and tools
plant and chairs
hospitality exterior

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