Exterior Hedging & Troughs

Explore the possibilities of Exterior Hedging & Troughs



An experienced member of the Oasis team will visit your site, survey the space and discuss your project goals and aspirations



We combine your vision with our horticultural creativity to design displays that reflect and enhance your brand or business



From concept to completion. Our team of professionals will install your feature and offer expert ongoing maintenance support

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Exterior Hedging & Troughs

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Create premium impression and frame a building entrance or walkway


Offer natural privacy walls and Provides shade in summer and draw in warmth during winter


Maximise brand awareness and engagement by customising troughs to suit your brand style or colours

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Benefits of Exterior Hedging & Troughs

Hedging and troughs not only provide an attractive first impression for the exterior of your location, but can be used to create natural frames for an entrance or walkway. Planted outside Hospitality, Office or public areas troughs can be customised to your branding and can be used create barriers for private outdoor dining or meeting spaces.


Exterior Hedging and troughs

Exterior Hedging

At Oasis we have over 20 years’ experience in exterior hedge planting and maintenance. Whether you need flowering Hawthorns to create a pretty perimeter or an extra dense Yew hedge for maximum shade and privacy, our dedicated team will source, plant and prune the perfect hedges for your requirements.


We have a wide variety of planters including exterior troughs. We provide planting schemes to complement any industry setting; live plant displays or maintenance-free artificial ones. We also work with design teams to offer bespoke troughs that create an easily recognisable planting feature.

exterior hedging and troughs
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