Elevating your office or workspace, Naturally.

Enhancing your workplace, Naturally 

The office is the heart of the workplace. The staff are your company’s greatest asset…

Plants are proven to make offices healthier and more productive spaces. At Oasis, pride ourselves on creating visually stimulating plant features to enhance any office space.

Internal office planting creates a welcoming impression for clients. Carefully designed or positioned plant features naturally break up empty spaces and can even provide creative thinking or private areas for staff to escape the noise.

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How we work with Offices

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Understanding your workplace

We know that the office is the heart of the workplace, so we understand the importance of providing a pleasant and healthy work environment to encourage the overall wellbeing of your staff.

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Considering your requirements

We make on site evaluations to advise which plants are best for your office space. We suggest appropriate options according to the available daylight, ambient temperature, your decor and maintenance requirements.

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Working within your space

From maintenance-free artificial planters to flowering desktop Orchids , we have a huge range of planting options. With our industry experience we’re able to create beautiful planting schemes tailored for your office space.

Why choose Green Design?

Now more than ever, companies are looking to create healthier, happier and more productive workplaces for their staff. Employers that introduce greenery to their offices are seeing immediate and substantial benefits.

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How offices benefit from Biophilic Design:

  • Focus & productivity increase by 15%
  • Biophilic design makes workplaces more attractive for job applicants & clients
  • Green design elements can reduce reported tension & anxiety by 37%
  • Office plants decrease rates of depression by 58% and fatigue by 38%
  • Plants absorb & retain heat and so reduce air conditioning & energy costs

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