Office Plants


Office Plants

Office plants have the potential to change your environment from bland to blooming marvellous. Naturally.

Office plants that enhance your workplace, naturally 

The office is the heart of the workplace. The staff are your company’s greatest asset…

Office plants are proven to make the workplace healthier and more productive. At Oasis, we pride ourselves on creating visually stimulating indoor plant features to enhance your office space.

Indoor office plants create a welcoming impression for clients and guests. Carefully designed and positioned plant features naturally break up empty spaces and can provide creative thinking or private areas for people to escape the noise.

At Oasis, we select the best office plants to suit your budget, from Live & Artificial Plants or even a Moss Wall, we can help naturally enhance your office space.

The best Office Plants for your workspace

It’s important to remember that not all plants will thrive in your workplace. We carefully consider your restrictions and select only the best office plants for your space.

Our favourite office plants include; Aloe, cacti, rubber plants and peace lilies. We also offer a wide range of artificial office plants.

Need something low maintenance? We also offer an artificial plant range so you can simply enjoy the visuals. Take a look and find out more.

However, if you want to make an impressive statement, our living green walls and moss walls could provide the ‘wow’ moment you’ve been looking for while also enjoying the benefit of plant power.

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Understanding your workplace

We know that the office is the heart of the workplace, so we understand the importance of providing a healthy work environment for your staff. Green office plants can improve overall feelings of wellbeing and are known to reduce stress and increase productivity.

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Considering your requirements

Our expert plant technicians run on-site evaluations and advise which office plants uk are best suited for your space. We suggest appropriate plants according to available daylight, ambient temperature and maintenance requirements.

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Working within your office space

We have access to the biggest range of office plants in the UK and can provide living plants or maintenance-free artificial plants. We create beautiful office plant schemes tailored to your workspace regardless of brand colours or decor.

It’s our goal to enhance your office design and use plants to bring out the best in the available space. Everything we do will be designed with care to suit you and spaces available, so you can feel the benefit as soon as possible.

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Living Wall

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Inspiration Configurator

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A closer look at our plants for offices

Biophilic design

Adding planters and colourful plant displays throughout your offices encourages biodiversity and sustainability within a bustling working environment.

We offer a vast array of plants for all areas of your work environment. Our friendly team will install and maintain your interior plants to make sure they’re healthy and keep them looking their best for as long as you need them.

Our plant displays come in a huge range of sizes, from smaller plants to brighten-up desks to larger planters, to create an impressive natural focal point.

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Benefits of office plant hire

Indoor office plants can help reduce stress, influence office humidity, improve productivity, and promote good health and wellbeing.

Bringing planters into your office is a great way to bring the natural world indoors. And when you hire indoor plants, you are helping to encourage biodiversity and sustainability within our bustling urban environments.

A well-designed office plant feature or large planters can be eye-catching design statements, transforming your workspace. Indoor office plant displays can also help reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety and improve wellbeing.

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How Green Office Plants benefit the workplace:


  • Focus & productivity increases by 15% where office plants are introduced
  • Green design makes workplaces more attractive for job applicants & clients
  • Plant features in the office can reduce reported tension & anxiety by 37%
  • Office plants decrease rates of depression by 58% and fatigue by 38%
  • Plants absorb & retain heat and so reduce air conditioning & energy costs within your office
modern bright office plants

Why choose us?

Our quality selection of indoor and outdoor plants, paired with years of experience, means we can create enticing displays that reflect your brand identity and vision.

Our creative experts work with you to design fantastic office plant schemes to complement any type of commercial space.

At Oasis, we can provide live plant features to suit your budget. We carefully consider your space, light and maintenance restrictions and select only the best options for you and your budget, whether that’s hire plants or something more permanent.

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Office Plants Projects

Why choose plants for offices?

Now more than ever, companies are investing in creating healthier, happier and more productive workplaces for their colleagues and employees. Employers that introduce plants and greenery to their offices are seeing immediate positive changes.

Our plant rental service for your workplace or office space is a flexible and sustainable alternative to purchasing them outright. We will help you choose from our comprehensive range of beautiful indoor office plants with the added bonus that our handy plant maintenance service is only a phone call away.

Why are plants important for office spaces?

There are so many benefits to adding plants and flowers to an office. We even offer hassle-free plant rentals, allowing you to enjoy everything interior plants offer without the commitment.

They look great

First and foremost, indoor plants have the power to transform a stark or clinical office into one filled with colour, texture and unique personality.

Health benefits

The health benefits of all the plants are well documented, and incorporating them into your workspace can boost the mental and physical wellbeing of clients and colleagues alike.

By introducing plants into the environment, they can:

  • Improve mental health
  • Aid concentration and memory
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Help to make people happier, healthier and more productive

Better for business

You might not think indoor office plants have the power to boost your business, but they can! Greenery in your workplace can give a positive first impression to clients and colleagues by creating a more appealing and natural-looking space.

Also, plants boast air-purifying qualities and are shown to help increase productivity and even reduce staff sickness for a happy, healthy and more efficient workforce.

Convenient and low-maintenance

We can create enticing office plant displays that reflect your brand identity and vision. Our creative experts work with you to design impressive live planting displays that complement any type of office space. And did you know we also offer the option to rent your plant displays?

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