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An member of the Oasis team will visit your site, survey the indoor space and discuss your project goals and aspirations

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We combine your vision with our horticultural creativity to design artificial plants displays to reflect and enhance your business

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From concept to completion. Our experts will install your artificial indoor plants and offer ongoing maintenance support

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What should you consider when choosing artificial plants?

Artificial indoor plants can easily be used to enhance or naturally partition any living/working space. The idea of having a maintenance-free statement piece appeals to a number of different people whether that be someone with a busy lifestyle, or someone with very little experience on plants. We ensure your needs are met by mimicking live plants and selecting specific artificial plants tailored to compliment your choice of space.

Why pick Artificial plants?

Forward thinking businesses across the UK are creating healthier, happier and more productive workplaces for their staff. As living plants require regular maintenance, you may decide to consider artificial plants instead. Although fake plants will not reduce air pollution, they have substantial benefits of their own:

  • Striking Artificial Plants features make you stand out from the competition
  • Plant displays increase well-being by 13%, & encourage guests/clients to stay longer
  • Artificial indoor plants displays provide points of engagement & encourage people to talk about their visit
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A closer look at

Artificial Plants

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Artificial plants are True to nature, long lasting, clean and maintenance-free.


Artificial indoor plants can be used to break up large open spaces, offer a visually stimulating reception display or create quiet areas to meet or work.


Artificial plants can reduce stress and create a healthy space with a general feeling of wellbeing

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Benefits of Artificial Plants

Here at Oasis we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of artificial plants in the UK, including true-to-life outdoor and indoor planting. With such a wide variety, we can design artificial plant displays to suit any space. Artificial indoor plants offer the aesthetic benefits of living plants without the hassle of any maintenance. A carefully positioned artificial plant display can attract more customers / clients, improve productivity or even provide the perfect cover, creating quiet areas for guests or staff to meet privately.

Whether you’re an Architect looking to incorporate artificial plants into your project or an Interior Designer interested in Artificial Green Walls get in touch with our team today!


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Why choose our artificial plants?

We have a wide variety of fake plants that are true to life. The intricate design and development of our artificial indoor plants have resulted in incredible realism. From delicate desktop Orchids to large wooden stemmed trees, we have a beautiful range of artificial plants to elevate your business environment.

At Oasis, we asses your needs and carefully select items that will compliment your space to offer long-lasting artificial plants that are totally maintenance-free.

Artificial Outdoor Plants

  • Green walls
  • Hanging baskets
  • Hedging
  • Entrance plants
  • Outdoor trees
  • Outdoor plants
  • Topiary balls

Artificial outdoor plants create a warm welcome outside your premises. They can also be used to spruce up any external space such as outdoor seating areas, balconies, rooftop gardens or employee rest areas. Weatherproof and easy to maintain, outdoor artificial plants offer instant greenery regardless of what the weather is doing, even if that plant variety isn’t native to the UK! Similar to our other artificial plants, we can customise our artificial outdoor plants to suit any environment, theme or general preferences.

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Artificial Indoor Trees

What should you consider when choosing artificial plants?

  • Acer trees
  • Bamboo
  • Bay Leaf
  • Bonsai
  • Boxwood buxus topiary
  • Christmas trees
  • Cypress trees
  • Cedar trees
  • Ficus
  • Flowering trees
  • Fruit trees
  • Maple trees
  • Palm trees
  • Tropical trees

Artificial indoor trees create a botanical oasis within any internal environment. From creating an atmospheric backdrop for scenery to replicating the feel of the forest within your office. Anything is possible when you opt for faux rather than real plants. Indoor artificial trees can include tall trees, fruit trees, tropical trees and any other tree variety that may suit your project needs.

Large Artificial Plants

Large artificial plants can include any of the above artificial plant or artificial tree types, including for indoor or outdoor use. The only difference being the size which will be either much larger or wider in scale.

In particular, large artificial plants are ideal for making a style statement, especially if you have sizable areas of blank space you want to fill with greenery. This includes experimenting with plant or tree varieties not native to the UK. Or plant varieties that would otherwise grow to be too tall if they were real.

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Our Artificial Plants Services

Oasis Plants offers a bespoke service to help you choose the right artificial plants for your space. As well as curating your plant choices and overall design, our team will install your plants at your location. We can also provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your artificial plants looking their best, including refreshing your design over time.


A member of the Oasis team will work with you to understand your vision for your artificial plants. We’ll take the opportunity to survey your space so that we can create an informed brief which meets all of your objectives. Our artificial plants can be used to revive existing buildings or exterior locations, or we can work with you to add artificial greenery to new building concepts.


Artificial plants offer very few limitations in terms of plant species, sizes or spread. Our designers can create a stunning plan for your space to meet any themes or objectives within your building. Our designs can range from individual plants and smaller spreads through to large green walls or artificial plant installations.


Your chosen artificial plants will arrive at your location along with our team who will carefully install each section based on the approved plans. From smaller flourishes to large installations, our artificial plants create instant impact.  Where necessary, we can also provide ongoing maintenance which is typically more straightforward compared with real life plants.

Artificial Office Plants Projects

Artificial office flowers & plants not only give your office a contemporary look, but also boast fantastic wellbeing and productivity benefits. Greenery helps establish a connection with nature, which is often in short supply within office environments. This makes artificial plants the easiest and most cost-effective way to infuse biophilic design within your office. In addition, artificial plants are ideal for all building types, including if the space is rented and therefore, any installation needs to be easy to remove.

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How To Clean Artificial Plants

Cleaning artificial plants is a very simple process. Light dirt and dust can be removed using a dry soft cloth. For any stains or dirt, a slightly damp cloth or mild detergent can be used. Oasis Plants can also offer ongoing maintenance and support, particularly for any larger artificial plant installations.

Where To Buy Artificial Plants

Oasis Plants is a leading supplier of artificial plants for commercial environments. Purchasing faux greenery through us means we can curate the plant species and installation process on your behalf. All of which will allow you to maximise the outcome of your project, whether you’re in need of filler plants, privacy hedging or any other type of installation.

Who Makes The Best Artificial Plants UK?

When it comes to creating a stunning installation using artificial indoor plants, Oasis Plants brings 20 years of experience to the table. Having worked with some of the best known companies and venues across the UK, we are experts in all things faux plants. Take a look at our social media pages to see our work in action!

Should You Buy Artificial Flowers & Plants?

If using real plants just isn’t practical or cost-effective for your business, then artificial indoor plants and faux flowers offer an ideal solution. Better still, fake plants bring many positive benefits in terms of wellbeing and increased productivity that real plants provide. It’s also good to note that Oasis Plants can also install real plants or a mixture of real and fake plants.

Oasis Plants – Artificial Plants UK

Looking to install artificial indoor plants within your commercial indoor or outdoor setting?

Oasis Plants is based in Cheshire with nationwide design and installation services available. Some of our projects to date have included locations such as Manchester, London, Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Wherever you’re based in the UK, you can enquire about our artificial plants by filling in our contact form or emailing us at

You can also give us a call on 01270 750 574 between 7am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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