Slug & Lettuce

Oasis have worked alongside the interior designers for Slug and Lettuce, bringing the finishing touches to many restaurants throughout the United kingdom.

In industries such as Hospitality where competition is fierce we understand how important it is to create a positive and memorable impression. Oasis designed and created bespoke wooden planters for these restaurant entrances. The final exterior displays compliment the contemporary dining theme and promote the Slug & Lettuce brand.

We installed live and artificial Olive trees and offered our Bespoke Design services to create custom branded exterior troughs.

"Our bespoke troughs by Oasis have improved customer experience & customised the entrances of our restaurants nationwide"

Slug & Lettuce

Slug and Lettuce
Slug and Lettuce
Slug and Lettuce

Plants & services provided

  • Live and Artificial Olive trees, depending on the location and maintenance requirements
  • External planting on wheels allows for easy relocation
  • Custom designed wooden troughs to highlight the Slug & Lettuce brand
  • Efficient installation, completed quickly and unobtrusively
  • Bespoke maintenance guide provided for Live and Artificial planting
Exterior Planting hedge

Exterior Planting

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