Reasons we love preserved moss walls

Moss walls are becoming increasingly popular and sought after.

As a trend they don’t seem to be going away and we think this is because they have many benefits that go beyond merely the aesthetic (though obviously this is very important too)

The use of preserved moss allows interior designers to essentially create a three dimensional art piece. It is incredibly malleable and can be hand crafted to create a bespoke piece of any size or design.

The beautiful natural textures are extremely tactile and lightweight and it’s these same springy structures that, as well as looking great, allow the moss to naturally absorb noise in busy open plan offices.

The preserved moss retains its natural structure, colour and soft springy texture through a special preservation process. Because it is no longer living it requires no maintenance, no soil or irrigation. This is another reason why it makes a great indoor installation. So when we’re asked, “is the moss real” the answer is “Yes, it is real, but it is no longer living”

Preserved moss provides the freshness of natural plants but with the convenience of artificial.  Incredibly, though it doesn’t have roots, once preserved it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air.

At Oasis we can use a variety of types of moss dependent on the budget or the look that you’re going for. The picture to the left is of reindeer moss, the photo at the top is of flat and ball moss. You might even chose to use a combination of them depending on the finish you would like.

Preserved moss is sustainably sourced, requires no water or maintenance once in-situ and is completely biodegradable.

From a design perspective it is highly customizable. It can incorporate a range of colours and textures and can be used in tight corners and curves. Preserved moss walls can create high impact on an otherwise blank wall and add a natural design element to your space without using up floor space.

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