Living Walls: the frontier of Biophilic Design?

The positive effects of plants on well-being and the environment are well documented. But in a world where the space available to plant horizontally is only getting smaller, how can we effectively add greenery? We are left with one solution: go up.

A Stunning Design Feature

Living Walls are being used more and more for their aesthetic appeal. Whether in an office setting, a reception, or covering the side of a hotel, office complex or apartment building, they add a tremendous statement to any location.

The Environment Thanks You

The carbon footprint of the human race is a massive concern. At Oasis we believe it is our ethical responsibility to fight this any way we can, and it is clear living walls are one way to combat this issue.

Add Value To Your Property

As well as looking amazing and helping the environment, living walls can also add real value to your property or project. From increasing footfall for hospitality venues to increasing rent payments for apartments, these vertical gardens have the potential to pay for themselves.

The environmental impact is a major pull towards the installation of living walls and for many companies this can help them achieve their Corporate Social responsibility targets.  Not only do living walls look great they can also offer the following benefits

  • Biodiversity – The plants in the living wall stimulate and enhance biodiversity in urban spaces, offering vital nesting space, shelter and food for birds and insects
  • Clean/Healthy Air – The plants in the living wall improve the climate and air quality by cooling the ambient air temperature and removing air pollutants, filtering toxins in the air and converting carbon dioxide to oxygen
  • Sustainable – The living wall is made of sustainable materials, reusable and fully recyclable
  • Noise reduction – they are an effective way of dampening sound from outside the building, can absorb 40% of sound and will reduce sound levels by 15 decibels
  • Thermal benefits to buildings – a green or living wall can reduce the amount of heat lost through its structure by more than 30%

Living walls can be adapted for interior or exterior use and can make a huge impact to their environment and the people in it.

There is overwhelming evidence of the great value of providing plants and indoor Living Walls in offices, places of learning, healthcare facilities, retail spaces and our homes. We typically spend 90% of our time indoors in ‘unnatural’ environments. We need to enrich the spaces in which we are placing people. This enrichment is good for our health, both physical and mental and also provides demonstrable benefits in terms of, for example, business ROI, learning targets, recovery rates & increased retail potential.

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