Mana Restaurant Manchester

This restaurant is impressive, there’s no doubt about that.

16 course meals, enormous multi-storey windows, hand-sewn napkins, and the list goes on!

We love the choice of planting; modern and monochromatic, which draws a parallel to the professional culture. Mana Restaurant chose a variety of shelf planting such as Sansevieria Laurentii and Chamaedorea, along with Kentia Palms in tall planters which stand in front of the breath-taking windows. Oasis recognised straight away that Mana restaurant have high expectations so we ensured from the start that we worked closely to reflect this through our high quality products.

The final look was unique and modern, especially with the shelf planting which is bound to catch everyone’s attention and create a lasting impression on their customers.

Oasis worked with James Roberts Design on this project, contact them at to find out more about their interior design service.

Mana Restaurant | Manchester
Mana Restaurant | Manchester
Mana Restaurant | Manchester

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