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We design and create tailor made Artificial Plants that can help transform your business space.

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A member of the Oasis team will visit your site, survey the indoor space and discuss your project goals and aspirations

Design indoor artificial plant displays


We combine your vision with our horticultural creativity to design artificial plants displays to reflect and enhance your business

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From concept to completion. Our experts will install your artificial indoor plants and offer ongoing maintenance support

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What should you consider when choosing artificial plants?

Artificial indoor plants can easily be used to enhance or naturally partition any living/working space. The idea of having a maintenance-free statement piece appeals to a number of different people whether that be someone with a busy lifestyle, or someone with very little experience on plants. We ensure your needs are met by mimicking live plants and selecting specific artificial plants tailored to compliment your choice of space.


Why pick Artificial plants?

Forward thinking businesses across the UK are creating healthier, happier and more productive workplaces for their staff. As living plants require regular maintenance, you may decide to consider artificial plants instead. Although fake plants will not reduce air pollution, they have substantial benefits of their own:

  • Striking Artificial Plants features make you stand out from the competition
  • Plant displays increase well-being by 13%, & encourage guests/clients to stay longer
  • Artificial indoor plants displays provide points of engagement & encourage people to talk about their visit
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A closer look at

Artificial Plants

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Artificial plants are True to nature, long lasting, clean and maintenance-free.


Artificial indoor plants can be used to break up large open spaces, offer a visually stimulating reception display or create quiet areas to meet or work.


Artificial plants can reduce stress and create a healthy space with a general feeling of wellbeing

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Benefits of Artificial Plants

Here at Oasis we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of artificial plants in the UK, including true-to-life outdoor and indoor planting. With such a wide variety, we can design artificial plant displays to suit any space. Artificial indoor plants offer the aesthetic benefits of living plants without the hassle of any maintenance. A carefully positioned artificial plant display can attract more customers / clients, improve productivity or even provide the perfect cover, creating quiet areas for guests or staff to meet privately.

Whether you’re an Architect looking to incorporate artificial plants into your project or an Interior Designer interested in Artificial Green Walls get in touch with our team today!


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Why choose our artificial plants?

We have a wide variety of fake plants that are true to life. The intricate design and development of our artificial indoor plants have resulted in incredible realism. From delicate desktop Orchids to large wooden stemmed trees, we have a beautiful range of artificial plants to elevate your business environment.

At Oasis, we asses your needs and carefully select items that will compliment your space to offer long-lasting artificial plants that are totally maintenance-free.

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