Unispace – Devon House

Unispace partner with global brands to create inspiring business & commercial spaces which allow people to thrive and unlock their creativity in a workplace environment. They have well and truly turned the traditional business model upside down and their projects are absolutely stunning. You can visit their website here; https://www.unispace.com/
When Unispace approached us with detailed CGI and designs, we knew it was important to reflect their capabilities with a unique planting scheme.
Throughout the 4th floor we mainly filled planters integrated into the furniture with lush, vibrant species that complete the space. This included insitu planting & floor standing planting for the Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Cafe & Co-working Areas.
We provided Unispace with many planting scheme options but the final species chosen are a striking contrast against the wood furnishings.
Unispace - Devon House
Unispace - Devon House
Unispace - Devon House

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