Bacardi – Titanic Hotel

What a transformation to the exterior area – simple but very effective installation.

Oasis worked with Bacardi at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool to transform the exterior eating area before the release of their new Limited Edition Bombay Sapphire.

We used the colour pallets from their new brand campaign to incorporate their latest Summer designs, including shades of blue and orange with some vibrant greenery.

The installation consisted of;

  • White Gloss Balcony Troughs planted with artificial flowers such as blue Hydrangeas, orange Gerberas and mixed artificial greenery
  • Archway filled with artificial foliage such as blue Hydrangeas, orange Gerberas and large Philodendron Garlands
  • White Gloss Tabletop Pots planted with live blue Hydrangeas





Bacardi - Titanic Hotel
TOAST - Altrincham
TOAST - Altrincham

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