Quintain Living, Canada Gardens

As Quintain Living describe it, Canada Gardens Apartments are an ‘Oasis of green in an urban setting.’

Canada Gardens offers a new kind of city living. Blending the best of cosy home interiors with contemporary style, Canada Gardens is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy city life at a different pace, with an acre of green space, kids’ playpark and even allotments – all within vibrant Wembley Park.

We worked alongside the incredibly talented design team at Fossey Arora to install live planting throughout the apartments – both interior & exterior.

  • Post Room, Super Lobby & Canada Kitchen: High-level trough planting
  • Super Lobby: Large Ficus Nitida trees in black fiberstone planters
  • Reception Area: Monstera in black fiberstone planter
  • Mezzanine Level: Floor standing & tabletop potted displays
  • Club House: Over 40 trailing high-level displays
  • Club House: Variety of floor standing & tabletop potted displays
  • Chiltern Fire House: Floor standing potted planting
  • Roof Terrace: Large external Trachycarpus tree planting with lit-up planters
  • Roof Terrace: Variety of floor standing & tabletop potted displays

What a project! These are incredible apartments but so much more than apartments, the added features you are provided with create that perfect homely atmosphere throughout  the whole building.

Quintain Living
Quintain Living
Quintain Living

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