Praxis regional offices, Hook

We worked with Praxis to supply the extensive planting and greenery to their recent acquisition, their new regional office in North Hampshire.

Their sun drenched office now boasts a stunning atrium of vivid green live planting that includes species like Asplenium, Monstera, Kentia and Schefflera.

This perfectly illustrates the fundamentals of biophilic design;

🌿natural light
🌿softer lines – more curves, no sharp edges.
🌿Planting, indoor and outdoor
🌿Natural colour palette – earth tones, neutral colours or a brown colour palette.

Introducing these elements have been proven to have the following benefits;
🌿Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
🌿Improves mental engagement
🌿Reduces stress
🌿Improved well-being

Praxis regional offices, Hook
Praxis regional offices, Hook
AQA's Northern Headquarters, Manchester
AQA's Northern Headquarters, Manchester

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