AQA’s Northern Headquarters, Manchester

We worked with Claremont to supply the extensive planting and greenery to this iconic workplace, the AQA northern headquarters in Manchester.

The office centres around an octagonal pillar which was built in 1962 and very few alterations have been made in the 60 years since…until now!

AQA wanted to invest in their building to bring it up to date with their new way of working. This also included a focus on;

– Wellbeing
– Sustainability
– Hybrid and smart working
– Accessibility
– Inclusivity

Our role was to supply over 120 metres of biophilia to the newly updated premises to promote feelings of wellbeing and a relaxed, tonal aesthetic. The planting also helps create an acoustic barrier throughout the open plan areas, helping to promote productivity and a sense of calm.

This project has also been shortlisted by Insider Media for 2024 #NorthWestPropertyAwards Workplace Fit-out


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