Aldi Living Wall

A planted living wall on the Aldi UK Supermarket in Derbyshire blends into the local landscape with a MobiPanel wall of 60 square metres.  The green façade was designed and installed by Oasis Plants.

Aldi is a firm believer in biodiversity and trains staff on the importance of pollinators. The green façade is one way to show Aldi’s interest in a better environment, as it has many benefits.

  • Biodiversity – The plants in the living wall stimulate and enhance biodiversity in urban spaces, offering vital nesting space, shelter and food for birds and insects
  • Clean/Healthy Air – The plants in the living wall improve the climate and air quality by cooling the ambient air temperature and removing air pollutants, filtering toxins in the air and converting carbon dioxide to oxygen
  • Sustainable – The living wall is made of sustainable materials, reusable and fully recyclable
  • Noise reduction – they are an effective way of dampening sound from outside the building, can absorb 40% of sound and will reduce sound levels by 15 decibels
  • Thermal benefits to buildings – a green or living wall can reduce the amount of heat lost through its structure by more than 30%



Aldi Living Wall
Aldi Living Wall
Aldi Living Wall

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