The influence of biophilic design principals in a retail environment

As human beings we are intuitively drawn to nature, whether this is natural views, daylight or greenery. It’s in our DNA. We have a physiological need to connect and interact with nature.

As our world becomes gentrified and urbanized, we are losing touch with the natural world and the connection to it that we crave.

It makes sense then that by introducing biophilic design principles into your business, you are literally appealing to this innate human need.

Improving your store environment to enhance the shopping experience isn’t a new concept, but it’s important to understand the direct correlation between the use of biophilic design and customer satisfaction.

When embracing the use of natural light, greenery and organic shapes to evoke feelings of calm and comfort, customers have been proven to feel more relaxed and take their time.

According to a report, “The Economics of Biophilia;”

  • The restorative and calming effect of nature helps draw shoppers into stores and creates positive emotions towards making a purchase
  • Shoppers’ perceptions of the value and quality of good increases in line with the amount of greenery and vegetation within the space
  • Shoppers are more likely to dwell longer within the store, thereby generating more sales
  • Shoppers are more likely to accept higher prices
  • Consumers will travel further to these stores.

“A new breed of businesses is emerging which understands that better shopping environments lead to better experiences for consumers, which, in turn, lead to better economics for retailers,” says Terri Wills, CEO of the World Green Business Council.

Customers are prepared to spend 12% more for products in shops that boast greenery and planting, but another interesting benefit is the impact on employees too.

The feeling of well-being that planting creates is reciprocal between staff and customers, reducing stress and increasing social interaction. So by harnessing these aspects of nature in design, we can positively impact productivity, health and wellbeing for customers and employees alike.

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