The Benefits of Renting Vs Buying Plants

More and more companies are making the connection between investing in their working environment as an investment in their employees.

The impact of biophilic design and office planting on employee wellbeing has been well documented.

The physical and physiological effects of plants and greenery in our urban spaces is something to be celebrated, so we wanted to make sure that this opportunity was open to anybody that wanted to improve their surroundings.

People may not realise that renting plants from Oasis Plants is an option.

We know that companies like the flexibility of renting their office space, so why not their office plants?

The benefits of renting live plants

There are a number of benefits of renting live plants for your workspace from us

  • The dead, dying or overgrown plants would be replaced¬†FREE OF CHARGE at our earliest convenience
  • There are NO upfront costs
  • Oasis plants will not charge for installation on this option
  • Payments are quarterly
  • Dedicated specialists will complete the whole process for you (ongoing maintenance is included in the price)
  • Your payment plan can be spread across 1, 2 or 3 year agreements

However, whilst renting, the plants would remain the property of Oasis Plants

The benefits of buying live plants

The alternative to this is obviously purchasing your installations from us

  • All Products would be yours immediately after purchase (unlike rental)
  • The monthly maintenance costs would be significantly lower than rental and maintenance
  • No ongoing costs
  • No signed agreement needed

Obviously, your upfront costs would be a lot higher as you are purchasing outright.

If the opportunity to rent or purchase plants has inspired you and you would like more information, feel free to contact us on the details below

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