Our Sustainable Choices at Oasis Plants

At Oasis Plants we’re very fortunate to work with nature every day and we thrive on making improvements to working environments through biophilic design.

We also know we have a responsibility to the natural environment. We have been making conscious decisions to make better choices and improve our environmental impact



We partnered with Ecologi in January 2023 and we’ve pledged to plant a tree with Ecologi for every live office plant purchased with us.

It was the obvious next step to look at our impact on the Environment as a whole and work with Ecologi to reduce our carbon emissions. You can follow our progress on https://ecologi.com/oasisplantsltd  

You can take comfort in knowing that by working with Oasis Plants you are actively reducing carbon emissions and making positive steps towards sustainability.

We work specifically with suppliers that prioritise sustainability. The European nurseries we use operate largely on solar energy, they are also working towards having an entirely electric fleet of vehicles by 2026.

We can now offer biodegradable planters made of recycled agro-forest debris, specifically tree bark, dry leaves and branches, making them entirely recyclable and biodegradable.

Equally, with the charcoal grey planters, despite looking like they’re made of stone, they are made of recycled paper composite, pressed layers of paper. So, whilst they look like their concrete counterparts, they’re actually very lightweight and completely recyclable!

We love any product that allows more scope and flexibility with design without compromising on quality or their environmental impact.

Living walls continue to be a popular choice for our customers, making up approximately 50% of our enquiries.

The living wall panels we use are made from recycled materials, car tyres, and are specially developed to be future-proof and sustainable.

Once installed, living walls also have a huge environmental impact. They help to stimulate local biodiversity, purify the air and regulate the thermal capacity of the buildings they’re attached too. Living walls can also reduce the amount of heat lost from buildings by 30%

We are proud to offer our clients biophilic options that not only look good but also fulfill an environmental need.


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