Hydroculture Plants

As the country moves towards becoming Peat-free we have been exploring the alternative to soil culture planting.

Hydroculture means “water culture” as hydroculture plants take their nutrients from water rather than soil.

We replace soil with a substance called LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) to support the plant. Leca is

  • non-toxic,
  • PH Neutral,
  • reusable
  • and 100% peat free, making it an environmentally friendly option.
Close up of hydroculture being added to a planter
close up of the roots of hydro and soil culture

Hydroculture Pros and Cons

A large range of plants can be grown in Hydroculture. There are also a number of benefits

  1. Hydroculture needs less watering than soil culture plants as hydroculture plants absorb the water at a much slower rate.
  2. Encourages an aerated root structure
  3. Leca decreases the incidence of compost-borne pests, fungi or bacteria, resulting in healthier plants
  4. Ideal for hygienic environments e.g. research centres, hospitals, eating areas.
  5. No soil, so less mess!
  6. Plants grow better, create more humidity and clean more toxins from the air.
  7. Preserves and protects peatlands and leaves our natural carbon storage intact.
  8. Easy to administer the correct amount of nutrients for hydroculture plants as they draw this directly from the water
  1. The cons for hydroculture is that plants are generally smaller than the equivalent plants grown in soil culture. From a design perspective, if you have a requirement for a specific overall height e.g. 180cm – 200cm, you might have to use a taller pot to make up for the shortfall.
  2. The plant range available might be slightly restricted as not all plants can be grown successfully in hydroculture
  3. LECA requires lots of heat to make the clay balls initially.

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hydroculture in joinery planting

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