Mondago, Peterborough

It’s so rewarding to see an initial design & moodboard come to life!

Mondago wanted a workplace that encouraged collaboration, inspired creativity and most of all an environment where their employees thrived.

The planting scheme is vibrant and retro, with a modern twist;

  • Floor standing potted planting is strategically placed around the space to create soft barriers and add colour
  • Tropical artificial green walling is a striking statement and adds a playful touch to their breakout area
  • Small potted shelf planting has transformed the storage units and turned the shelving into a feature wall
  • Around 20 hanging displays have again contributed to the welcoming feel and it’s a trending design
  • Bespoke replica green wall panelling on the pillars have turned an office eyesore into something unique

It was fantastic to work with the well-experienced and enthusiastic team at Rhino Interiors Group for this project, you can check out their services here:



Mondago, Peterborough
Mondago, Peterborough
Mondago, Peterborough

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