‘Restaurants: The Plant Life’

From a restaurant to an Instagram-worthy, inviting indoor space; adding greenery to restaurants has been proven to have many significant advantages. For example, a splash of green can help to increase the aesthetic, not only drawing in more customers but also helping to keep the air clean! From small potted plants to selfie walls, live or artificial greenery can remove several relatively harmful and common chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde.
The use of artificial planting is easy to maintain as well as adding a pleasant visual element to your restaurant! Incorporating the plant life into your restaurant also absorbs noise, creating a perfect place to eat and talk!
Worried about what plant style to go for? Our designers at Oasis are here to give you advice. From floral arrangements, hanging plants, live walls or table centrepieces, we have you covered! Working with some of the top restaurants, such as Menagerie, all our experience will help you to create the most eye-catching designs within budget.
Here are our top picks for what you should put in your indoor space

Taking ceilings to new heights

Whether it be a bulkhead or low ceiling, these two are some of the most luxury and popular spaces in their area. These two projects were designed and installed by Oasis after planning and collaborating with the customers to include their ideas.
Hanging ceiling plants can help to make the restaurant seem bigger and less crowded when at the busiest. This planting can also help to relieve anxiety and boost creativity as well as being impressive indoor décor!

The Exterior Troughs

“Our terraces have been transformed by the planting provided by Oasis!” – Iberica.
This client wanted us to help reflect their Spanish dining theme, which we successfully did with the help of several exterior troughs. This type of planting helped to create a more spacious feeling when sitting outdoors, instead of putting up walls to make the area more crowded and boxed in.

Green Walls

No wonder this is the restaurant of choice for many celebrities dining in Manchester! This star-studded restaurant and bar has many types of greenery incorporated into their design. These show-stopping designs have attracted more customers, as well as creating a therapeutic effect. You may have seen their moss wall and neon sign on Instagram!

Incorporating Logos

What’s better than a logo? A logo made of plants! This store in London combined their signature product – trainers – with their logo to create a spectacular piece on their wall. Another advantage of the trend-setting plants is that they are an attraction for social media posts, drawing more customers to your place!

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